What’s the deal with Virtual Private Networks?

Discover how they work, why they’re important and what using a VPN can do for you.

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5 Reasons Why Mozilla VPN is a Secure VPN

With more people on the internet, making sure your internet connection is secure can be accomplished through privacy tools like VPNs. Here are five reasons why Mozilla VPN is a VPN you can trust.

No-Logging VPN from Mozilla

At Mozilla, security and privacy on the internet are fundamental. That’s why we never log, track, or share your browsing data.

Relax at Home with a VPN from Mozilla

Mozilla believes you should be safe online whether you're at work, on the go, or at home. Getting a VPN by Mozilla can help keep prying eyes away from your online footprint and help combat targeted ads.

Risks of Using a Free VPN

The risks of free VPNs may make you think twice about that free price tag. When VPNs are offered to users for free, that means that providers have to gain revenue in another way. 

Get an Open Source VPN with Mozilla VPN

Mozilla VPN being open source gives you an added security reassurance and an open platform that fosters continuous improvement. 

What Does a VPN Do?

A VPN encrypts all of your traffic online so that even your ISP can’t spy on what you are doing, and it disguises your IP address so that the websites you visit can’t determine your geographical location.

Mozilla VPN Servers Around the World

Because VPNs help you establish privacy on the web when using public networks, Mozilla wants to ensure that you are protected from online threats no matter where your journey takes you.

Hide My IP Address with Mozilla VPN

An IP address (internet protocol address) is the unique number assigned to your device that identifies it on the internet and local networks.

Work with a VPN from Mozilla

Using a VPN for your business makes the internet more secure for your employees, their devices, and your overall business network.

How to Browse Anonymously with a VPN

If you want to browse online anonymously with a VPN, choose a VPN from Mozilla to get an extra layer of security from a company that makes your privacy our priority

The difference between a VPN and a web proxy

VPNs and proxies are solutions for online privacy and security. Here’s how these protect you and how to choose the best option.

Location history: How your location is tracked and how you can limit sharing it

Your location history is valuable, authentic information. In all likelihood, you’re leaving a breadcrumb trail of location data every day, but there are a few things you can do to clean that up and keep more of your goings-on to yourself.

Do you need a VPN at home? Here are 5 reasons you might.

VPNs are beneficial for added privacy when you’re connected to a public wifi network, and you might also want to use a VPN at home when you’re online as well. Here are five reasons to consider using a VPN at home.

5 reasons you should use a VPN

As more of daily life takes place across internet connections, privacy and security issues become even more important. A VPN can help anyone create a secure, private connection to the internet.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one of the best ways to stay private and secure online, and keep your personal data protected.

Fast VPN from Mozilla

Mozilla VPN ensures you’re protected online at a speedy rate. Learn about how Mozilla VPN keeps you logged on, and why you should trust Mozilla with your online security.

Get a Private VPN with Mozilla VPN

Mozilla VPN is easy to use and is led by our mission to protect your privacy above all else.

What is an IP address?

Every time you are on the internet, IP addresses are playing an essential role in the information exchange to help you see the sites you are requesting.

Gaming with a VPN from Mozilla

The benefit of using a VPN while gaming is that it protects your IP address, helping you remain anonymous.

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