About this site

The website www.mozilla.org has been online for over two decades. That’s since dinosaur times in internet years. As such, www.mozilla.org is a corner stone of the web, with roots embedded in the open source movement that saw the creation of Mozilla.

Today, this is the site where people come to download Firefox, try Mozilla VPN, and learn more about Mozilla. You can also discover a few Easter eggs along the way.

Like many of our products, this website is also open source:


Some open source projects used in making this site:

  • Django as a back end web framework, with Jinja for templating.
  • Mozilla’s Protocol design system for front end components and branding.
  • Mozilla’s Fluent localization system for language translation.
  • Many other smaller libraries and frameworks, which you can find in our GitHub repo.

We extend our thanks to all the Mozilla contributors who have helped to make the web a better place.