Split Tunneling with Mozilla VPN

App exclusion (or often called split-tunneling) is a VPN feature that allows you to essentially “split” your internet traffic so that some of it goes through the encrypted tunnel that Mozilla VPN creates, while the other traffic can go through your network as it would without a VPN. This feature can aid you if you want to prevent some apps from using the encrypted tunnel that the VPN creates.

If you want to exclude certain apps from VPN protection without risking the protection of your entire device, app exclusion is a feature offered by Mozilla’s VPN that could be at your service. 

App Exclusion for Gamers

Using the app exclusion feature like the one offered by Mozilla VPN can allow gamers to enjoy their online gaming experience without a reduction in connection speeds or increased latency. All the while protecting the rest of their internet traffic, masking their IP address, and encrypting their traffic. 

App Exclusion for Streaming

Another reason to consider using App Exclusions (also called split tunneling) is for streaming. This is for two reasons: 

First, and probably most important, some streaming providers (Max, Hulu, and Amazon Prime for example) actively block VPN connections because they want to identify where users are coming from in order to serve them with the right content. For those providers, using App Exclusions is a great way to continue accessing their services without needing to fully disconnect Mozilla VPN, making sure you don’t miss on protection for the rest of your network traffic, or miss out on the latest episode of your show because your favorite streaming service blocks using a VPN! App exclusions allows you to choose how you want to experience online security and streaming

A second reason to consider App Exclusions with streaming apps is that most streaming providers will serve you content in the best quality that your internet connection strength can take. By excluding the streaming app from VPN protection, you are ensuring that you get the best video definition possible.

You Get to Choose with Mozilla VPN

Mozilla VPN wants your internet to be fast, secure, and controlled by you. Mozilla’s App Exclusion feature may reduce some protection (since you’re choosing for some of your internet traffic or apps to not be protected through VPN encryption), but doing so is your decision if you feel that some parts of your network meet your needs better when not under VPN protection. The choice is yours. Subscribe today and secure your internet your way. 

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