Cons of Using Public WiFi

Using the free WiFi available at most airports is a convenient way of accessing the internet when traveling. However, your online data isn’t always protected on these networks. Before you connect your device to the airport’s WiFi, make sure you’re taking the measures needed to protect your online security. 

Using a VPN, like the one offered by Mozilla, can assist you in creating a more secure connection to the web by encrypting your data in transit, and cloaking your IP address  on the Airport WiFi network. Using the VPN while connected, and then “forgetting” the network to make sure you don't automatically reconnect at some other time without VPN access, helps keep your privacy protected.

VPNs and Airport WiFi Security

A VPN encrypts all of your traffic online and makes it more difficult for hackers to spy on what you are doing on the internet. Further, a VPN helps protect the information your IP address can reveal. Advertisers can use your IP address (which can indicate you are likely at an airport) to target you with unwanted ads. That’s the last thing you need bombarding you during a layover. 

A particular situation to be aware of is that hackers can create false Wi-Fi networks with names that look similar to that of the airport’s legitimate free network (Free Airport Wi-Fi is a popular name for example). If you connect to these networks, malicious actors controlling them can view and potentially modify any unencrypted data you send over them. If you use Mozilla VPN, however, since all your network traffic is encrypted and routed over to the VPN server, you won’t be vulnerable to these attacks, even when using these Wi-Fi spots. 

By the way, since phones and laptops can sometimes join known networks you’ve previously joined without asking, it’s best to “forget” or remove the WiFi network profile from your system, so you won’t be signed in automatically without proper VPN protection.

Mozilla VPN Makes Traveling Safer

From TSA woes, flight delays, and changing airline policies, you have enough to worry about when at the airport and getting ready for travel. Mozilla has always prioritized your online privacy and works to provide a VPN that works the best for your needs. We worry about your internet security so you don’t have to. Subscribe today and protect yourself online with Mozilla VPN.

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