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A VPN keeps your internet private by encrypting your internet traffic and hiding your IP address. Mozilla VPN is truly a private VPN with additional privacy features such as multi-hop, ad-tracker blockers, and malware blockers to make your online journey even more secure. Thinking about online security can be overwhelming. That’s why Mozilla VPN is easy to use and is led by our mission to protect your privacy above all else.

What Privacy Risks Does A VPN Address? 

Having a VPN can help relieve the concern of being a victim to an online attack, and is one of the best privacy tools on the market to keep your browsing activity private and secure. Mozilla’s private VPN can: 

  • Keep your personal data protected when browsing online with the help of VPN encryption.
  • Hide your IP address (which can reveal details like your internet service provider, city, and country).
  • Make public Wi-Fi connections more secure when you’re working remotely, or simply online and on the go. 

We could say more, but in short, privacy is our policy. That’s why Mozilla doesn’t keep records of where you go online, and is dedicated to making sure no one else keeps records of where you go online as well. 

Does a VPN Enhance Private Browsing?

Yes! When you browse online in a private window (sometimes called incognito mode), your browser won’t store your online history such as the websites you may have visited while in that mode. Passwords & usernames you may have used in that mode also won’t be stored. It’s a form of security that can be strengthened by private VPNs like the one offered by Mozilla.

Both private windows and VPNs hide browsing history, but operate at different levels and against different threats. Private windows prevent your internet browsing history from being collected on your device, and a VPN further complements this by preventing your internet browsing behavior from being observable by people or entities with access to your internet connection. These can be your ISP, or simply a lurking hacker on a public WiFi network.

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