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Let's reclaim the internet together.

At Mozilla, we have big ambitions for the future, we want to build impactful products that are different — that are built with more respect for the people using them and help us explore new forms of openness. It’s going to take hard work that Mozilla is uniquely suited to take on. It’s why we’re here. It’s who we are. And it’s our future.

Bring your passion, your creativity, your big ideas, and your new perspectives to make the difference we’re aiming for.

Our operating values bring us together as one team

How we work together is as important as what we make together. Our shared operating values drive confident decision-making, boost healthy collaborations, and just plain make it easier to get stuff done.

  • We welcome differences

    Because we want Mozilla to be a place where everyone can do their best work, and because we know diverse perspectives and experiences result in better solutions, we welcome differences.

  • We are relationship-minded

    We take the long view of our connections and interactions, both with each other and with the people who use our products. This requires a commitment to empathy, active listening and giving without the expectation of getting. It’s digging in to understand what makes people tick and caring about that.

  • We practice responsible participation

    Transparent and open processes are a unique part of our genetic code. When coupled with responsible participation — being generous and kind with both our inputs and our outputs — we create trust and accountability and elevate the quality of our decisions.

  • We have grit

    We are here to do hard things, take on giants and make a difference in people’s online lives — so we must have grit. Having grit means facing obstacles with optimism, determination to find new ways forward and being relentless about learning from what worked and what didn’t.

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Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability

At Mozilla, our employees, volunteers and community members span the globe. We want to ensure that our organization is as diverse as the communities we serve — and that our culture is inclusive and welcoming to all.

We’ve made some progress that we’re proud of, and we also have a lot more work to do.

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Benefits for real life

Our benefits are some of the best in the industry. To us, offering a comprehensive, industry-leading health and wellbeing program to our employees and their families is plain common sense, and the right thing to do. We also believe it’s easier to focus on our work when we’re feeling well.

  • Health and wellness

    Mozilla covers medical, dental and vision plan premiums at 100% for U.S. and Canadian employees. Our offerings give you the options you need to manage your health — and your family’s — the way you want.

  • Mental health

    Mental health is as important as our physical health. That’s why Mozilla’s health benefits include therapy and coaching sessions to make sure our people have access to the care they need.

  • Time away

    Time away from work to disconnect and recharge is essential. In addition to country-specific holidays (12 in the U.S.), employees start accruing vacation and sick leave on day one (specifics vary by country). Plus, everyone enjoys quarterly all-company wellness days and the most personal holiday of all: your birthday.

  • Parental leave

    While Mozilla’s parental leave policies vary globally, our U.S.-based employees can look forward to 26 weeks of paid leave for childbearing parents and 12 weeks of paid leave for non-childbearing parents.

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Meet our teams

Mozilla is a global community of technologists, thinkers and builders working together to keep the internet healthy, safer and accessible — while shipping beloved products to people all over the world.

Meet a few of our teams who are making it happen.

  • Product Engineering

    Our engineers work on some of the most interesting challenges facing the internet today — privacy, security, decentralization, access, convenience, compatibility and more — all to continue building an internet that serves as a global public resource, open and accessible to all.

  • Data Organization

    Mozilla’s Data team is at the forefront of how to use mountains of data to guide business and product decisions while respecting the privacy and security of our users. Data team members have a deep knowledge of data processing infrastructure, a thorough understanding of the business and market, and astute statistical and modeling expertise.

  • Marketing

    Mozilla's Marketing team has the exciting role of sharing our company vision and our innovative, privacy-forward products with the world through creative storytelling.

  • Innovation

    With an experimental mindset at its core, our innovation team is out in front, quickly identifying, building and testing product concepts that engage, influence and drive impact within the web ecosystem.

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We’ll meet you where you are

Mozilla is a remote-first company. Relying on our years of experience in working asynchronously around the world, we’re reimaging what work can look like — balancing your life with the connection and community essential to the products we’re building.

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We’re hiring curious and kind people across the organization. Come help write Mozilla’s next chapter.

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