5 Reasons Why Mozilla VPN is a Secure VPN

Everyone seems to have a life online these days. With more people on the internet, making sure your internet connection is secure can be accomplished through privacy tools like VPNs. Here are five reasons why Mozilla VPN is a VPN you can trust. 

1. Strong Encryption

Mozilla VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and our secure VPN servers. This throws off data collectors from viewing your browsing activity and protects the privacy of your online activity.

2. Privacy Features 

Mozilla VPN privacy features include ad blocker, ad tracker, and malware blocker. With these features Mozilla VPN users can block intrusive, or even harmful ads that could infect your device. Unwanted ads go against your privacy online which is something Mozilla seeks to protect. 

3. Open Source

When a program is open source, it means its source code is available for everybody to see and audit. While this doesn’t mean that you need to personally see the source code, the fact that it’s available for everybody means that no functionality or unwanted behavior can be hidden. Developing in open source also helps create more robust and safe software, as everybody with an interest in helping can detect, suggest fixes or directly patch any security issues. Mozilla welcomes your contributions and collaborations. The sooner we find the flaws, the sooner we can have an even more effective online security tool! 

4. Diskless Servers 

Diskless VPN servers provide heightened security relative to traditional VPN servers. This is because diskless servers rely on RAM, and all information is wiped out when the server is restarted. On top of our no-logs policy guarantee, this helps even accidental traces of information remaining on our servers.

5. No Logs Policy

Mozilla never logs, tracks, or shares your browsing data. Mozilla VPN being a no-logging VPN means that no one, not even Mozilla, can see what you do while browsing the internet. 

A secure, world wide web is our mission at Mozilla. Subscribe and download the app today!

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