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Mission-driven. People-powered.

We’re not a normal tech company. The things we create prioritize people and their privacy over profits. We exist to make the internet a healthier, happier place for everyone.

“The health of the internet and online life is why we exist.”

Mitchell Baker, Executive Chair of the Board, Mozilla Foundation

Mozilla makes privacy-respecting products

“Mozilla is taking bets to show the world there’s a business to be made with trustworthy AI. That includes putting things like human rights, data protection and transparency at the core of how these complex systems work.”


Join us in shaping trustworthy AI

Mozilla’s work with AI isn’t just a new thing—we’ve spent years funding, building and advocating for AI that’s open, fair and developed responsibly. Our focus is on creating AI that serves the people, prioritizes transparency and supports the public good, not corporate agendas.

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So, what is Mozilla?

At its core, Mozilla is an activist organization led by the Mozilla Foundation that makes change in the world through a variety of ventures including Mozilla Corporation, MZLA, Mozilla Ventures and Mozilla AI. How are we different? Because we’re mission-driven, it means we have the freedom to make all of our decisions based on what’s best for the internet and for everyone online, not based on the demands of shareholders — we don’t actually have any of those.

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Join the fight for a healthy internet

Your voice. Your code. Your ideas. There are literally thousands of ways you can contribute to Mozilla.

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That one time we gave away our source-code…

The Mozilla project was founded in San Francisco in 1998, when the Netscape browser made the radical decision to give away its program code to the public to build on and improve. At that time, one company had a virtual monopoly on how people experienced the internet.

Eventually, the open-source Mozilla project morphed into the wildly popular first version of Firefox.

Today, Mozilla continues its movement toward a better internet with millions of active community members spanning the globe, advocating for ethical tech, trustworthy AI and producing privacy-first products that give more power to the people.