Get an Open Source VPN with Mozilla VPN

An open source VPN is kind of like how it sounds. It means that the software's source code is open to be seen by all users. With a whole community supporting, flaws within the design can be easily identified, and a better product can be created for us all! Mozilla VPN is fast, easy to use, and we don’t log your internet traffic. Mozilla VPN being open source gives you an added security reassurance and an open platform that fosters continuous improvement. 

How Does Open Source Improve Security? 

Open source is an important topic in security software development because historically, security was thought of as requiring or benefiting from secrecy. This is true in certain situations, but in more and more domains, openness allows for better software to be created. This is because  everyone can see the code, and everyone can test if it's robust and ideally report it or improve it directly.

Another reason why open source is particularly important in security software is that this kind of software tends to require high-level permissions on your device. For example, an antivirus needs to have permission to scan every file in your system before it's executed or read — like having a person taste every meal before you try it. That kind of permission requires a lot of trust. With open source code, again, users and developers can see what the software is doing. So even if you aren't personally able to check the code, you benefit from the countless other people that can and do.

Mozilla VPN and You

When you have a digital community of like-minded people who want a product they’re using to be great, we all benefit from having this shared goal. Nothing has to be done to set up the open source software when you get a Mozilla VPN so subscribe and download the app today. Join the community. 

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