Hide My IP Address with Mozilla VPN

What’s an IP address? An IP address (internet protocol address) is the unique number assigned to your device that identifies it on the internet and local networks. It allows your device to communicate and connect to websites and other services online. Think of it like a return address on an envelope and the various sites you visit online as your travel destinations. 

Unfortunately, there are people out in cyberspace that might want to know your IP address for their own gains. Cyber-criminals can use the information to track your online activity and advertisers can use it to send targeted ads you don’t care to see. Hiding your IP address with a VPN is essentially masking your real IP address with a borrowed one so that you can keep your anonymity online. 

Why Should I Hide My IP Address? 

What exactly could happen if someone were to gain access to your IP address? Well, an IP address can reveal your:  

  • Country
  • City
  • Region

Further, showing your IP can help advertisers stitch together your browsing behavior into a profile, even if you clear cookies or you use Private Browsing mode. If you’ve gone down any digital rabbit holes lately to learn more about coffee art, these advertisers can then start sending you ads of local coffee shops in your area. Coffee is great, but we all know how bothersome targeted ads can be. 

Hiding your IP address can also defend you against ISPs (internet service providers) tracking your online activity, which isn’t illegal in the United States. Because of the lack of restrictions, ISPs can sell your data without consent to advertisers and marketing analysts.  

How Does Mozilla Hide My IP Address? 

Mozilla VPN creates an encrypted passageway between your device and our secure servers, letting you use the server's IP address and location to mask your identity from data collectors who profile you based on your IP address. Your privacy is a priority here. See for yourself and subscribe to download the app today.

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