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Researchers at Stanford University and the Census Bureau indicate that remote work remains prevalent even after the 2020 pandemic. Their studies found that remote work positions accounts for over a quarter of paid full-time workdays in the United States today. However, whether you’re in the office or work from home, all of us (including us at Mozilla) have something in common: we all want to keep our sensitive, business information safe on the open internet. 

Why Should I Use a VPN for My Business?

Using a VPN for your business makes the internet more secure for your employees, their devices, and your overall business network. With a VPN, all internet traffic is encrypted, whether your employees are using browsers or employing other apps that rely on internet connections. With an extra layer of security provided by VPN encryption, you can help keep your sensitive company information safe from prying eyes, avoid costly breaches or data leaks that could be damaging to your business. 

VPNs for Remote Work 

A VPN can provide a secure network connection to your employee’s devices, no matter where they may be working. Remote work doesn’t always mean taking Zoom calls in a home office; sometimes employees might be traveling on the company’s behalf, or simply working from their favorite cafe. In either case, they may be relying on public wifi with less-than-stellar security. In those cases, a VPN will encrypt sensitive data. 

Freelancers and contract workers can be particularly vulnerable because they often communicate with employers online to share necessary financial and tax information that they don't want exposed to cyber attackers. A VPN can help these workers be safer online. The encryption provided by a VPN secures their private data which is beneficial whether you run your own business or are a contracted worker for an enterprise. 

You can add another layer of security to your VPN with Firefox Monitor. If an email, password, address, etc were to be leaked online due to a hacking or any form of cyberattack, Mozilla will notify you and help take actions to protect your sensitive information.

Small Companies Need Protection, Too

Smaller companies might not have a dedicated IT team due to their size or the nature of their business. They also may contract workers who use their own mobile phones and laptops. 

Because VPN encryption provides a secure network connection regardless of location or device type, whether your employees are working in the office or remotely, with a VPN your sensitive passwords and documents can travel the webs much safer. 

Mozilla VPN and Your Business

Getting a VPN from Mozilla can help improve your security in the office and remotely. Subscribe to start using Mozilla VPN today, because you have enough to worry about as a business owner. Let Mozilla help you to take care of your online security.

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