Is a VPN Safe?

A virtual private network (VPN) keeps your online data safe while you browse online by encrypting your data, and making it more difficult for your ISP or malicious third parties to access your sensitive information. One way you can protect yourself with a VPN is by making sure that your VPN provider is trustworthy.

Mozilla VPN is backed by technology that boosts the privacy of your online browsing experience. Our VPN is built transparently in open-source, meaning that all the code is publicly accessible and has been audited by 3rd party digital security experts, like Cure53. You can read the report here. Additionally, Mozilla VPN doesn’t log, track, or share your browsing data. Being a no-logs VPN means that not even Mozilla can see what you do while connected online. Lastly, Mozilla is a non-profit supported internet company that’s been fighting for a healthier internet since 1998.

Online Security at an Affordable Price

A VPN increases online privacy by “cloaking” your IP address, which helps conceal the information it can otherwise reveal. If you want to protect your data so that advertisers can’t use it to target you with unwanted ad traffic, a VPN might be worth paying for. Mozilla offers a VPN that’s intentionally simple and protective for as low as $4.99 USD.

While they are tempting to use, free VPNs might not be the safest choice for you. This is because, without a legitimate business model, free VPNs are unlikely to be able to invest in the best privacy technology. What’s more, they might be indeed selling your data.

Browse Safely with Mozilla VPN

Mozilla VPN provides fast, secure, and reliable protection for your online privacy for a fair price. You have the option to connect up to five devices. Download the app for Mozilla VPN and subscribe today. 

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