Relax at Home with a VPN from Mozilla

Your internet service provider (ISP) has a lot more access than you may think when it comes to your online browsing behavior. Since 2017, internet service providers in the US have been able to sell your data mainly to advertising companies and data brokers. A VPN can’t stop the selling of your data, but it can prevent data from being available to be sold in the first place.


Having a VPN like the one offered by Mozilla can keep private, online information of yours hidden from your ISP who might want to sell it. The types of data your provider may want to sell include:

  • When and how long you visit a website
  • The location of the device you used to visit different sites
  • The device you used to access the internet 

Why is this done? The biggest reason your data is sold by your ISP is to send advertisements you may like while browsing online. Some argue that targeted ads catered towards your likes are better than “random” advertisements of any sort of product. Mozilla thinks you shouldn’t be targeted, and a VPN from Mozilla could help. 

How Does a VPN Help?

With a VPN, your data is routed through VPN servers. That way your ISP can’t tell what websites you’re accessing, how long you’ve visited those sites, or when you decide to access them. All of that information is under the cloak of the VPN. This is because by using a  VPN, your browsing information is encrypted all the way to its final destination. This means that your ISP can’t read any of your online activity. This also means that an ISP can’t see when you’re gaming, streaming, or downloading files. They’ll just see you're using a VPN! 

Mozilla VPN and Your Privacy at Home

Mozilla believes you should be safe online whether you're at work, on the go, or at home. Getting a VPN by Mozilla can help keep prying eyes away from your online footprint and help combat targeted ads. Only policymakers can change the current state of internet security on a national level. However, getting a VPN from Mozilla could be the extra layer of security your household needs to make online browsing safer and more private. Subscribe to start using Mozilla VPN today.

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