How to Browse Anonymously with a VPN

Many online browsers provide a Private Browsing web setting that offers the user a little more online privacy when browsing online. However, if you want to surf the web with more security, a VPN is an additional layer of protection. With a VPN (virtual private network), all of your internet traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel. This keeps your data and personal information secure from third parties who might have access to inspecting your traffic, like your ISP or a lurking hacker in Public WiFi hotspots. When you access the internet with a VPN connection, your IP address is “cloaked” with a new location from your VPN provider’s network of server locations each time you connect to the internet, hiding your IP address and the information it can reveal. 

Why Should You Browse Online Anonymously? 

Your is sort of like the street address of your device(s). It’s required to connect to the internet, and is assigned by your ISP (internet service provider). When you visit a website, your IP address is used to make sure that information you requested (like a website) gets back to you. 

Browsing securely with a VPN  helps protect the information your IP address can reveal to the internet. When you browse the web, advertisers can use your IP address (which can reveal your zip code, city location, area code, etc.) to target you with ads and services. Further, they can stitch together your browsing behavior into a way to identify you because your IP address is unchanging as you browse different websites where ad trackers might be present. You can prevent this by using Mozilla VPN, as it masks your IP address, making you indistinguishable from countless other users using the service.

Stay Anonymous with Mozilla VPN

Mozilla doesn’t log, track, or share your browsing data. Mozilla VPN being a no-logging VPN means that no one, not even Mozilla, can see what you do while connected online. 

If you want to browse online anonymously with a VPN, choose a VPN from Mozilla to get an extra layer of security from a company that makes your privacy our priority.  Subscribe to get a VPN from Mozilla today. 

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