Mozilla VPN Servers Around the World

Because VPNs help you establish privacy on the web when using public networks, Mozilla wants to ensure that you are protected from online threats no matter where your journey takes you. With over 500 servers in more than 30 countries, Mozilla is able to help keep you safe inside and outside of your home country (although you cannot access Mozilla VPN from China). Having this many VPN servers also offers you redundancy when connecting to any of them, which in turn gives your VPN connection better performance and reliability.

For example, if you’re into video games and are gaming live with other players, a delay in your connection could interrupt your game and have your teammates screaming in your headset. Mozilla offering multiple servers in various locations can help decrease your latency (the time it takes for your device to interact with a gaming server and then send live data back to your device) by allowing you to always connect to the most performant servers next to you.

How Many Servers does Mozilla VPN Use? 

Mozilla VPN is built on top of Mullvad VPN infrastructure and we use the same servers. You can find our list of VPN servers here. Make sure you select Wireguard in the filtering options. 

Which Server Should You Choose? 

Picking the right VPN server location is dependent upon what you hope to get from the usage:

  • Speed If reliability and fast speeds are a top priority, it’s best to pick a VPN server location that is closest to your physical location. Nearby servers can offer faster connections because it takes less time for the data from your device to reach the VPN servers and vice-versa. Mozilla VPN’s
  • Recommended Locations feature automatically probes servers and finds the best location for connection based on distance, performance, and redundancy!
  • Extra Privacy That’s our middle name! Mozilla VPN encrypts your network activity and hides your IP address regardless. But for even more protection, you can configure Mozilla VPN to encrypt your traffic and route it through two locations instead of one with Multi-hop.

It’s a great, big, worldwide web out there and we want you to experience it your way. The VPN servers around the globe from Mozilla can help you do just that.

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