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Firefox Privacy Notice

Mozilla Subscription Services | Privacy Notice

At Mozilla, we design products with your privacy in mind.

Mozilla VPN protects your device’s internet connections. Mozilla partners with Mullvad to privately and securely encrypt your internet traffic.

Firefox Relay allows you to keep your primary email address and phone number safe and private from online services by making a unique, random (mask) phone number and email address(es).

This privacy notice explains what data Firefox Relay and Mozilla VPN collect, share, and why. We also adhere to the Mozilla Privacy Policy for how we receive, handle, and share information.

Things You Should Know

Firefox account information. These Services require a Firefox account, which sends Mozilla your email address, locale, and IP address. Learn more about Firefox Account data practices.

Payment information. When you subscribe to the Services, you will send payment through one of our third-party payment providers: Stripe, Apple, PayPal, or Google Pay. Mozilla receives a record of your account (including your billing address and the last four digits of your payment method) and the status of your account’s subscription. Mozilla does not store your full payment details.

Interaction data. Mozilla receives data about your interactions with the Services. For instance, when you log in and out, the preferences you set. Learn more about VPN interaction data and Relay interaction data.

Technical data. Mozilla receives basic information about the installed version of your VPN or Relay Add-on software, and the device they are installed on, including the operating system and hardware configuration. Your IP address is temporarily collected as part of our server logs for 90 days. No server logs of your network activity are maintained by neither Mozilla nor our partner Mullvad when you're using the Mozilla VPN service. We use the data to improve performance and stability for our users, and to measure the Services’ performance.

Mozilla VPN

Location data. Mozilla VPN receives your IP address when you sign up for and use the service. We use the IP address in order to approximate your location to set which VPN server you connect to and because Mozilla VPN availability, pricing and offers may depend on your country.

Campaign and referral data. This helps Mozilla VPN understand the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. Upon installation of the app, Mozilla may receive your IP address in addition to campaign data and referral data like what ad campaigns you engaged with and your operating system, device type, device identifiers, and operating system version. Mozilla shares this with Adjust, but we do not share or store your IP address. Read the Adjust documentation.

Network data. Mullvad receives your internet traffic to provide the service. When you activate Mozilla VPN, it will encrypt your internet traffic and send it to Mullvad. Mullvad has committed not to log any of the data it receives. Learn more at Mullvad’s Privacy Policy.

Firefox Relay

Email messages. To send and forward your email messages from your masked email address(es) to your primary email address, Firefox Relay processes your email messages. We do not read or store the content of any of your messages. In the event that an email cannot be delivered to you, we will keep it on our servers and delete it after it has been delivered (in no event will we hold onto it for more than three days). If you use the feature to block promotional emails, the Service will check email headers to determine whether the email should be blocked.

Masks and where you use them. Mozilla maintains a copy of your account information to provide the service, in particular to associate your primary email address with your masked email address(es). If you create a custom mask, Mozilla stores it in order to forward emails to it. Mozilla stores the site where you created the mask, sites where you subsequently use the mask, and any labels associated with the mask in order to ensure that your masks are easily findable when you’re ready to use them. Learn how to enable and disable these features.

Phone calls and text messages. To send and forward your phone calls and text messages, Firefox Relay processes your phone number and text messages. We store a log of the phone numbers you’ve contacted through Relay in order to show your call and text logs, send text replies and block phone numbers. We do not monitor or store the content of phone calls you make through Firefox Relay.

Read the telemetry documentation for Firefox Relay. You can opt-out of telemetry collection by turning on the Do Not Track (DNT) feature in your browser.

Information We Share. Firefox Relay shares information with third parties to provide the service to you. Mozilla has contracted with this company requiring them to protect your information. Here’s who we use to support Firefox Relay:

  • Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud-computing platform. Firefox Relay uses AWS to receive emails sent to your masked email address(es) and to forward them to the primary email address associated with your Firefox account. Only Mozilla knows the association between your primary email address and your masked email address(es).

  • Twilio. Twilio receives your phone number, your phone mask, and the phone numbers that you exchange phone calls and text messages with. Twilio also receives the content of text messages you send and receive through Firefox Relay and Mozilla has set the Twilio service to delete its records of the text messages you send and receive through Firefox Relay after 7 days.

Other Information You Should Know

Much of the information that we store about our Firefox account users is easily accessible by logging into your account. You can learn more about managing your data. To make requests, please contact us through our Data Subject Access Request Portal.

If you have any other questions regarding our privacy practices, please contact us at

We respond to all requests we receive from individuals wishing to exercise their data protection rights regardless of where the individual lives. We will honor your request unless a legal requirement prevents us from doing so or a legal exception applies.

Please visit our forums for general support help.