Firefox Focus Privacy Notice

In case you hadn't heard, we care about your privacy! When Firefox Focus (or just "Focus" for short) sends information to Mozilla, our Privacy Policy describes how we handle that information.

Things you should know

  • In order to help us understand and improve Focus, we collect information about how often you use Focus and interact with certain features. This includes information about when you start a new browsing session, as well as how often you enable or disable features in the Settings screen, use search within Focus, or launch an external browser from Focus. This information is associated with the Referral Data described below, and sent to our analytics vendor. You can learn more about this data collection, including how to disable it, here, and can find the full documentation here.

  • Referral and Campaign Tracking

    To help improve our marketing campaigns, Focus may use “Referral Data” such as the website domain or advertising campaign that referred you to download and install Focus. This data is kept by our analytics vendor and provided when you start Focus, and also includes an iOS Vendor ID, timestamp, country, locale, operating system, and app version. Learn more here, including how to disable this collection, and read the full documentation here.