Firefox: Rebel with a cause

Firefox is independent and a part of the non-profit Mozilla, which fights for your online rights, keeps corporate powers in check and makes the Internet accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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Firefox Privacy Notice


  • No strings attached

    Firefox is built by a non-profit. That means we can do things that others can’t, like build new products and features without a hidden agenda. We champion your right to privacy with tools like Private Browsing with Tracking Protection, which go beyond what Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge offer.

  • What you see is what you get

    We believe the Internet is for people, not profit. Unlike other companies, we don’t sell access to your data. You’re in control over who sees your search and browsing history. Choice — that’s what a healthy Internet is all about!

  • A browser on a mission

    In addition to fighting for your online rights, we also keep corporate powers in check, while working with allies all around the globe to nurture healthy Internet practices. So when you choose Firefox, we’re choosing you, too.

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