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Transparency Report Reporting Period: July 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018

Government Demands for User Data

In the Reporting Period, Mozilla received one subpoena for user data.

Legal Processes Received Data Produced
Search Warrants 0 0
Subpoenas 11 0
Court Orders 0 0
Wiretap Orders 0 0
Pen Register Orders 0 0
Emergency Requests 0 0
National Security Requests 2 0 0

Government Demands for Content Removal

In the Reporting Period, Mozilla did not receive any government requests for content removal from our services.

Requesting Country Requests Received Data Produced
N/A 0 0


Legislative Reform

During the Reporting Period, we continued fighting for strong data protection rules around the world, including work on the first data protection laws in India, Kenya, and Brazil, pushing for the swift adoption of the EU’s ePrivacy Regulation, and filing comment on the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s proposed American Privacy Framework in the US. We also held a workshop in Delhi with companies large and small on our Lean Data Practices framework, and held a panel in Brussels on the recent US Supreme Court Carpenter decision, which extended warrant protections to cell site location information.

Mozilla continued advocating for EU Member States to enact government vulnerability disclosure programs in the EU Cybersecurity Act, and commented on the EU proposals around cross-border data access for law enforcement. In Australia, we took action on legislation that would give the government new powers to undermine encryption.

We also engaged heavily on the EU Copyright Directive, to minimise the damage to individuals’ rights and the open internet arising from the directive’s upload filters, and spoke out against the EU’s Terrorist Content Regulation.

Threat Indicators & Data Disclosures

Type of Disclosure Number of Disclosures
Cybersecurity Threat Indicator 0
Other Specific User Data Disclosure 0