Transparency Report Reporting Period: January 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017

Government Demands for User Data

In the Reporting Period, Mozilla did not receive any government demands through Legal Processes for user data.

Legal Processes Received Data Produced
Search Warrants 0 N/A
Subpoenas 1 1 None
Court Orders 0 N/A
Wiretap Orders 0 N/A
Pen Register Orders 0 N/A
Emergency Requests 0 N/A
National Security Requests 2 0 N/A

Government Demands for Content Removal

In the Reporting Period, Mozilla did not receive any government requests for content removal from our services.

Requesting Country Requests Received Data Produced
N/A 0 N/A


Legislative Reform

In the Reporting Period, we worked to support the introduction of the Protecting Our Ability to Counter Hacking (PATCH) Act, which codifies and includes important reforms to the U.S. Government’s process for handling vulnerabilities. We joined with other major technology companies to file an amicus brief supporting Facebook’s ability to challenge both a search warrant and an accompanying indefinite gag order. We continued to sponsor a speaker series on government hacking.

We filed comment with the U.S. Copyright Office on their review of Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). In the EU, we’ve worked to influence the EU Commission’s ongoing copyright reform efforts, and continued to engage with the EU e-Privacy Regulation and Data Economy consultation. Together with the Mozilla Community in India, we also published an op-ed highlighting the need for privacy protections in Aadhaar, the Indian national biometric identity system.

Threat Indicators & Data Disclosures

Type of Disclosure Number of Disclosures
Cybersecurity Threat Indicator 0
Other Specific User Data Disclosure 1*