Transparency Report Reporting Period: July 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017

Government Demands for User Data

In the Reporting Period, Mozilla received 1 Court Order for user data.

Legal Processes Received Data Produced
Search Warrants 0 N/A
Subpoenas 0 N/A
Court Orders 1 Yes
Wiretap Orders 0 N/A
Pen Register Orders 0 N/A
Emergency Requests 0 N/A
National Security Requests 1 0 N/A

Government Demands for Content Removal

In the Reporting Period, Mozilla did not receive any government requests for content removal from our services.

Requesting Country Requests Received Data Produced
N/A 0 N/A


Legislative Reform

In the Reporting Period, Mozilla continued to push for reforms to the U.S. Government’s process for handling security vulnerabilities, culminating in the release by the White House of a new charter for the Vulnerabilities Equities Process. We also advocated for European governments to develop government vulnerability disclosure review processes to be included in the forthcoming EU Cybersecurity Act, including as members of the Centre for European Policy Studies Task Force on Software Vulnerability Disclosure.

We’ve been vocal in the debate around India’s first data protection law, and we continued to engage with Europe’s e-Privacy Regulation. We've also contributed to the development of the EU's approach to cross-border access to data, and worked to influence the EU Commission’s ongoing copyright reform efforts.

In July 2017, Mozilla joined with other technology companies in an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court of the United States to reexamine how the 4th Amendment and search warrant requirements should apply in our digital era.

Threat Indicators & Data Disclosures

Type of Disclosure Number of Disclosures
Cybersecurity Threat Indicator 0
Other Specific User Data Disclosure 1*