Sync yer Firefox on onie device

Hae ingang tae and sync yer buikmerks, passwirds, open tabs and mair — everywhaur ye yaise Firefox.

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    Privacy makkit easy

    Aw ye need fur Firefox Sync is a Firefox Accoont.

    Encrypt yer data

    Yer encryption key bides a secret, kent anely tae yersel and yer authorized devices.

    Feel siccar

    We store yer encryptit data on oor servers sae's we cannae read it.

Stert syncin in fower easy steps:

  1. Open the menu in the tap richt o Firefox and wale “Sign in tae Sync”.
  2. Click “Get stertit” in the tab that opens.
  3. Inpit an email address and passwird tae “Mak a Firefox Accoont.”
  4. Click “Neist” tae get a trystmakker sent tae yer email.

Efter ye've checked yer email and clicked the trystmakkin link, Firefox will stert automatically syncin in the backgrund.

Mair hauners wi managin yer Firefox Accoont