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What’s a VPN?

A virtual private network protects your connection to the internet, keeping your location and what you do online more private across your devices.

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How a VPN helps you

  • Keeps your data safe on public Wi-Fi

    Log into your bank or doctor’s office from the airport, cafe or anywhere, with peace of mind.

  • Blocks advertisers from targeting you

    Hide your activity from trackers and malware so you can shop without being watched.

  • Helps you access global content

    Check out foreign shows, websites and live-streams while you’re traveling or at home.

Get Mozilla VPN

30-day money-back guarantee


  • Connect up to 5 devices

  • More than 500 servers in 30+ countries

  • Fast network speeds even while gaming

  • No logging, tracking or sharing of network data

  • No bandwidth restrictions or throttling

  • Extra security: whole device protection, multi-hop routing & more

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Get Mozilla VPN

30-day money-back guarantee

From a brand you can trust

Mozilla is a non-profit-backed internet company that’s been fighting for a healthy web since 1998.

One subscription for all your devices

Included in subscription:

  • Connect up to 5 devices
  • Access 500+ servers in 30+ countries
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (for first-time customers only)



$4.99/month + tax

Save 50%

$59.88 total + tax

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$9.99/month + tax

As seen in

  • The Washington Post

    “Mozilla’s VPN can also integrate into some nifty privacy-protection features of its Firefox browser.”

  • The Verge

    “…unique features, like its Multi-Account Containers, might make the feature easily accessible to users with more serious privacy concerns.”

  • Tech Radar

    “Mozilla VPN’s feature list has grown considerably since launch, and the service now beats many specialist VPNs in some areas.”

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