Firefox Private Network Privacy Notice

Version 1.0, dated September 10, 2019

At Mozilla, we design products with your privacy in mind.

This privacy notice explains what data is needed to offer Firefox Private Network (“Service”) and why.

To learn more about how we receive and handle information, and how you can engage with your data, read the Mozilla Privacy Policy.

Things you should know:

Enabling this Service keeps your Firefox web browsing activity private from your internet service provider, and most websites you visit, by encrypting and routing it through our partner Cloudflare’s network instead.

  • Cloudflare receives your web browsing data to provide the Service: As you browse, Firefox will encrypt the data you send to websites and send it to Cloudflare. Cloudflare will also receive your computer’s IP address, the IP address of the site you are browsing to, the timestamp, and a unique identifier. Cloudflare does not share this data with others and deletes this after 24 hours unless necessary for its security or legal obligations. Learn more at Cloudflare's Privacy Policy for Firefox Private Network.

  • This Service protects most—but not all—of your web browsing: The Service only works in Firefox and for websites that communicate with your computer using TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). For example, it does not work for data exchanged on certain video conferencing services (such as Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, GoToMeeting) or on applications outside of Firefox (such as other apps on your device). Learn more here.

Mozilla receives data to understand service performance, interaction with Firefox, and how we can improve this feature.

  • Technical data. Firefox sends Mozilla data about your device, operating system, version, and a unique identifier that Mozilla connects to your Firefox Account.

  • Interaction data. Mozilla receives data about when you install Firefox Private Network, when you use the service, and engagement with our surveys and Firefox.

  • Registration data. This service requires a Firefox Account, which sends Mozilla your email address, locale, and IP address. Learn more about Firefox Account data practices.

    Read the telemetry documentation.