Firefox OS Privacy Notice

Mozilla cares about your Privacy. When Firefox OS sends information to us, our Mozilla Privacy Policy describes how we handle that information.

Things you should know

  • Updates: To keep itself up to date, Firefox OS automatically connects to a service operated by or on behalf of the manufacturer of your device. Firefox OS also automatically checks for updates to installed apps by sending a request to the Firefox Marketplace or, if you installed an app from another location, that app’s developer’s services.
  • Location: When you turn location services on, Firefox OS may use multiple data points and entities to estimate your location, including GPS, AGPS and other geolocation service providers. You can disable location services in the Firefox OS “Settings” app on your device.
  • Initial Activation: In order to provide appropriate updates and applications, Firefox OS sends Mozilla a one time data ping when initially powered up. Learn more

  • If you use apps made by someone other than Mozilla, their privacy policies will apply.
  • The dynamic app search feature of Firefox OS is powered by and its privacy policy applies, which you can find at
  • Firefox OS allows you to use several integrated third party services, such as your email or social provider. The privacy policy of those services will apply to your use of them.

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