Firefox Better Web (beta) Privacy Notice

Firefox Better Web (“Service”) is an experimental offering in partnership with Scroll. It is currently limited to the United States.

At Mozilla, we design products with your privacy in mind. This privacy notice explains what data is needed to offer Firefox Better Web and why.

To learn more about how we receive and handle information, and how you can engage with your data, read the Mozilla Privacy Policy.

Things you should know:

There are two parts to Firefox Better Web.

  • An account with our partner: Scroll. Scroll collaborates with publishers in its network to create ad-free versions of their content in exchange for a portion of your subscription fee.
  • A Firefox browser extension. The browser extension controls your settings for Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox.

Firefox Better Web Requires a Scroll Account.

  • This service requires a Scroll account, which sends Mozilla your email address, locale, and IP address. For more information about the data Scroll collects and how it uses that data, see Scroll’s privacy policy.

The Firefox Better Web Browser Add-on does not collect data.

  • The Firefox Better Web Add-on does not collect any data. Firefox does collect technical data about the Add-ons you have installed. This is explained in the Firefox Privacy Notice.