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Firefox Privacy Notice

Firefox Hello Privacy Notice

Archived, March 16, 2016

We care about your privacy. When Hello sends information to Mozilla (that's us) our Mozilla Privacy Policy describes how we use that information.

Things you should know:

When you make calls, the data below is sent to Mozilla in order to connect the call. Once connected, your communications are encrypted.

  • Firefox Accounts: Accounts are optional to use with Firefox Hello. If you sign-in with a Firefox Account, your Firefox browser sends Mozilla your account name in order to direct calls to you. To learn more about how data is used by Firefox Accounts, click here.

  • Contact Information: You can import or add new contacts to create an address book with email addresses, profile pictures, and names of people you may call. This contact information is stored locally on your device. When you use the Service, your Firefox browser encrypts your contact's information and sends it to us to connect calls. If your call is through a conversation URL that you generate, we delete the contact information after 30 days but you can delete it sooner by revoking the conversation URL. Otherwise, for direct calls, we delete this information once the call is finished.

  • Feedback & Support: Sending feedback to Mozilla is optional. You can provide us with information if you submit a crash report or a report on our support forum.

We automatically receive certain metrics from use of the Service.

  • Performance metrics: We automatically receive performance and responsiveness data about calls and attempted calls in order to detect issues, diagnose them, and improve Firefox Hello. For example, the data we receive includes quality for audio and video streams, whether calls failed or were disconnected, duration of the call, obfuscated IP addresses, obfuscated network and hardware data (e.g. if you are on a wifi or cellular network) and timestamps.

  • Usage metrics: We receive data on how many people use the Service, types of operating systems and browsers, and countries in which the Service is used.

  • Reports: We share aggregate information on performance and usage metrics.

  • Analytics: If you use the web-based Hello client to join a conversation by following a link to, we may also use cookies and third party services to help us understand in the aggregate how users engage with Hello. We use:

    • Google Analytics, which places a cookie on your device, to obtain metrics on how users engage with Hello. This helps us to improve the Hello service.

    • Optimizely, which places a cookie on your device, to help us test variations of Hello. This helps us offer better experiences to Hello users.

  • Tiles: Tiles are a feature of Hello which may be displayed during a conversation or while a user is waiting for a conversation to begin. In order to provide the tiles feature, Hello sends to Mozilla data relating to the tiles such as number of clicks, impressions, your IP address, and locale information.

You can control individual cookie preferences and opt-out of web analytics and optimization tools.

  • Cookie History: You can accept or decline individual cookies in the preferences in the appropriate settings within your web browser. For Firefox, this can be found in the Tools/Options/Privacy history section. Note that certain features of Hello may not function properly without the aid of cookies.

  • Analytics & Optimization: If you do not want data about your interaction with Hello to be collected by Google Analytics, you can install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. The add-on keeps your visits anonymous and prohibits data transmission to Google Analytics. If you do not want data about your interaction with Hello to be collected by Optimizely, you can opt-out by visiting Optimizely's opt-out website for more information.

Firefox Hello is provided to you in collaboration with TokBox, Inc. ("TokBox") and sends data to TokBox as a part of the function of the service. This notice only describes how Mozilla handles information we receive from you. For more information on TokBox’s handling of data, you should read their Privacy Policy