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Firefox Privacy Notice

Facebook Privacy Information

Archived, Apr 03, 2023

At Mozilla, an important part of our mission is to help people understand and control their personal information. With this in mind, we’d like to use this page to tell you how we use your data and what your choices are when you interact with us on Facebook. It’s worth noting that this page will not tell you what Facebook does with your data. We encourage you to review Facebook’s privacy policy and settings to make sure you understand how they collect, use, and share information.

Mozilla offers Facebook pages, Facebook apps, and Facebook ads primarily as a communication channel to introduce, inform, educate and encourage. To help us manage these Facebook activities, we work with vendors who have contractually promised to handle or use the data in ways that are approved by Mozilla.

When you interact with us through Facebook, the information that we can access and store is affected by the permissions you grant and the privacy settings you maintain through Facebook. We will handle your information in accordance with our privacy policy.

There are three key ways that Mozilla obtains information about you through our Facebook pages and all are voluntary. These include comments that you post (typically in response to our posts); photos that you tag for consideration as Fan of the Week, and personal information you submit either via a Facebook application on one of our pages or participation in one of our Facebook contests/giveaways. The privacy implications of each are outlined below.

Mozilla Facebook Pages

We enjoy interacting with our users through Facebook and encourage you to engage with our pages by tagging us, leaving comments, posting photos, etc. When you do engage with us via one of these actions, please remember that it’s public and use caution when posting personal information. Mozilla won’t use it outside of Facebook, but it will remain on our Facebook pages, unless we feel we need to remove or block your content to maintain an atmosphere of respect.

Permission to make you a Fan of the Week and use your photo in our photo bar is provided by posting or tagging Firefox in your photo. Mozilla won’t use these photos outside of Facebook without your permission. They will remain in our photo bar unless you untag them. In addition to obtaining photos through Facebook, some of our Facebook sites, such as Mozilla Student Reps, may post photos that were taken at Mozilla events, such as MozCamps. You will receive notice of such use when you register for Mozilla events and will be offered a choice where possible.

If you participate in one of our contests or giveaways on Facebook, we will collect the minimum amount of personal information needed to administer the activity. This may include collecting age to ensure that you meet contest age requirements, email to notify the winner, or physical address to mail a prize or giveaway. We will delete as much as we can as soon as these purposes have been met. Where we use vendors to help us with these tasks, we’ll contractually ask them to do the same. Where possible, we will also offer you an alternative way of participating in the contest that does not involve Facebook.

Mozilla Facebook Posts

We may customize our posts to you, using categories provided by Facebook, where we feel we can improve your experience without compromising your privacy and in compliance with our privacy policy. For example, we currently customize our posts by language and/or country.

If we mention your comment in our posts, we will only identify you by your first name to preserve your privacy.

Mozilla Facebook Ads

Mozilla places Facebook ads for the purpose of introducing Facebook users to our products and services, encouraging them to contribute to our community-based activities, and raising their awareness of our campaigns and Facebook presence.

Facebook requires us to choose which countries we want our ads to run in. This also helps us to determine which language to serve the ad in. Where we feel we can improve your experience without compromising your privacy, we may further customize our Facebook ads using categories provided by Facebook. These are carefully reviewed for compliance with our privacy policy and Facebook doesn’t share any of your personal information with us. For example, we may target a Facebook ad to residents of a large city where we have an event.

Mozilla Facebook Apps

Mozilla uses a Facebook Affiliates App to help spread Firefox, recruit affiliates, and increase downloads. We also have campaign and/or localized Facebook apps, such as the De Todos Para Todos app.

Facebook apps work by asking the user for certain permissions when they first install the app, and granting access to certain data by default, only when the user is actually using the app. In addition to the default data, Mozilla can request permission for certain additional user data, as well as extended permissions for actions on behalf of the user. In general, we will collect the minimum amount of personal information needed to administer the app. We don’t share the data with anyone or transfer it outside of Mozilla.

Our De Todos Para Todos App does not save any user data to a Mozilla database.

Our Facebook Affiliates App, saves the following user data in a Mozilla database:

  • Facebook user id (to identify the user)
  • Name (to display first and last initial in the shared image or ad)
  • Photo (to display it in the shared image or ad)

While the user is in our Facebook Affiliates App we use the following data, but do not save it to a database:

  • Locale (to present the app in the language that the user uses on Facebook)
  • List of friends (to present a list of friends for the user to share their images)

Our Facebook Affiliates App also asks for the following extended permissions:

  • User location (to display a country dropdown on the leaderboard)
  • User photos (to be able to post the shared image on the user's photo album)

We may display your first name and last initial and photo in our leaderboard. The leaderboard is only viewable to Affiliates Facebook App users.

You can opt-in to allow your Affiliates banner to become one of our paid Facebook ads.

If you remove the application, we will delete your Affiliates Facebook profile and the information associated it from our database.

To view Mozilla’s Online Privacy Policy, click here.

For an FAQ on the Affiliates Facebook App, click here.