Mozilla Firefox

It looks like you’re running an older version of Firefox.

The new version of Sync only works with the latest version of Firefox

Soon you’ll be able to use Sync on your iOS device

Sync is just one of the great features you’ll only get with Firefox.

Get started with Sync in four easy steps:

  1. Open the menu in the top right of Firefox and select “Sign in to Sync.
  2. Click “Get started” in the tab that opens.
  3. Enter an email address and password to “Create a Firefox Account.
  4. Click “Next” to get a verification sent to your email.

After you check your email and click the verification link, you’ll be all set! Firefox will automatically sync in the background from then on.

How to set up Sync in five easy steps:

  1. Tap the Menu button (either below the screen or at the top right corner of the browser).
  2. Select Settings (you may need to tap More first).
  3. Tap Sync and then Get Started.
  4. The Create a Firefox Account page will open in a new tab.
  5. Fill out the form and click Next.

After you check your email and click the verification link, you’ll be ready to go! Don’t forget to connect all your other devices to get the most of Sync.

Sync a little. Sync a lot.

You choose what parts of your Firefox you want to sync and where you want to sync them. Take your open tabs on your daily commute. Access your bookmarks at work. Whatever, whenever, everywhere.

At home

Move from your desk to the couch without skipping a beat. Access your open tabs on your smartphone, or keeping browsing your bookmarks right on your tablet.

At work

Stay connected to all of your important information. Sync the passwords and bookmarks that you might need to access at any time. Just like Firefox, it’s safe as can be.

On the go

Keep up with your favorite sites, or finish that story you started at home — wherever you go. With Sync, it’s never been easier.

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