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Meet Mozilla’s teams

Mozilla is a global community of pioneering technologists, thinkers, builders and creators working together to keep the internet open and accessible to all.

One team

Though Mozillians sit on functional teams, we are all about working as “one team”, reflecting our belief that being highly collaborative with a focus on experimentation is essential to individual growth and moving Mozilla’s future forward.

Each one of us has made a choice to spend our time, our energy and our gifts, to make the internet a rich, exciting, decent and humane place. Meet a few of our teams who are making it happen.

  • Engineering

    Our engineers (and we have a lot of them!) work on the most interesting challenges facing the internet today — privacy, security, decentralization, access, convenience, compatibility and more — collaborating with peers not only at Mozilla but across the industry. From Firefox to Pocket, Relay to Mozilla VPN, our code touches the lives of millions.

  • Product Design / UX

    Product Designers collaborate with product managers, engineers, researchers and other designers to optimize product experiences that drive engagement, increase revenue, and improve retention, basically ensuring our products are modern, delightful and easy to use.

  • Innovation Ecosystems

    With an experimental mindset at its core, our innovation teams are quickly identifying, building and testing product concepts that influence and drive impact within the internet ecosystem. Key differentiators for our innovation work are the focus on increasing inclusion with products such as Hubs which enables broader access to immersive web collaboration. Additionally we differentiate with our ecosystem engagements such as grant programs, investments and partnerships to identify, drive or enable products and businesses aiming to improve the human experience on the internet.

  • Data Organization

    How can businesses use mountains of data to guide decisions while respecting the privacy and security of users? Mozilla’s Data Organization is at the forefront of these conversations, with a deep knowledge of data processing infrastructure, the market we compete in and our business. They work closely with multiple functional areas to keep Mozilla a data-informed business that is modern, global and ethical.

  • Marketing

    Mozilla's Marketing team has the exciting role of sharing our company vision and our innovative, privacy-forward products with the world through creative storytelling. They're obsessed with impact, but never at the expense of our users. People on this team come from different backgrounds, from engineering to art directing, but all have one thing in common: they believe in our mission and want to build a better internet for all.

  • Trust & Security

    Our Trust & Security team is responsible for upholding the core tenants of Mozilla’s foundational mission: protecting privacy and security. Through risk assessments, security audits, incident response and more, this team ensures the trust we’ve built with users and employees is secure.

  • Global Policy

    Mozilla’s Global Policy team brings together our community, employees, policy experts and thought leaders in privacy and innovation to give input on policies and services that make the web more robust. We’re taking action worldwide to protect and strengthen the web’s DNA.

  • Legal

    The Legal team handles all of Mozilla’s corporate and employment matters, either at the (virtual) conference table or behind the scenes. Efficiently adapting to serve a constantly changing product landscape, our Legal team ensures we’re always running smoothly.

  • People

    Our People team works with employees from even before day one. We ensure that our employees are well-supported – in and out of the office – through benefits support, learning and development opportunities, career advancement and more.

  • Finance and Business Ops

    Among many responsibilities, our Finance and Business Ops team literally keeps the lights on – and makes sure we’re using the most energy-efficient bulbs. These team members take charge of our strategy and development, managing everything from internal operations to landing partnerships, and even pursuing business investments. They guide us toward sustainable growth and track our progress along the way.

Feel good about your work again

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