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Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability

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Belong where you work

We’re an organization with employees, volunteers and community members spanning the globe, and we want to ensure that who we are, what we build and how we choose to engage the world around us reflects our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. And we want everyone to feel empowered to join our movement.

By the numbers

We’re invested in making progress in inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability at Mozilla — and we’re committed to the hard work needed to take us further.

  • 37%

    By the end of 2021, women made up more than a third of our workforce. We also saw a 4.2% increase of women in technical roles from 2020 to 2021.

  • 7.8%

    From 2020 to 2021, the percentage of Black/African-American Mozillians increased from 4.8% to 7.8%. Black/African-Americans in technical roles increased from 3.1% to 5.8%

  • 37%

    37% of Mozillians live outside of the U.S. We’re proud to be a truly global company, and that our products and culture reflect perspectives from around the world.

Mozilla Resource Groups

Mozilla Resource Groups (MRGs) are internal employee networks where we find connection and community across different experiences and backgrounds. These groups have formed organically over the years through employee interest, and nearly one-third of all Mozilla employees belong to at least one MRG.


Being a part of this group has challenged me to not just carry things on my own or pretend they don’t exist, and to show up more fully as an advocate myself.

Tina from Mozilla's Afrozilla MRG
Tina R.

Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Read Tina's interview


One value we included in our charter is that ableism is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. But it’s immediately followed by another value: We make space for growth, and we expect to make, and learn from, mistakes.

Kim from Mozilla's Disability@ MRG
Kim B.

Head of Operations for Rally

Read Kim's interview

Latin Pride

The more Latinx people we hire, the stronger and more dynamic Latin Pride will be. I want our members to use their voices not just within our group, but throughout all of Mozilla.

Solana from Mozilla's Latin Pride MRG
Solana L.

Editor, Internet Health Report

Read Solana's interview


Our discussions have been so powerful. There’s often a tension, especially in East Asian cultures with roots in Confucianism, between speaking up and keeping a sort of stiff upper lip. So it’s good to have a forum where we can say — and our allies can hear — the things we’re usually quiet about.

Julie from Mozilla's MozAPI MRG
Julie H.

Senior Manager, Data Science, Business & Metrics

Read Julie's interview


Pridezilla is important not only for Mozillians who are LGBTQ, but for all of us to better understand our colleagues from different walks of life. We’re a resource for anyone who wants to learn.

Damiano from Mozilla's Pridezilla MRG
Damiano D.

Senior Communications Manager

Read Damiano's interview


I’ve also enjoyed being able to connect with other women at the company. Mozilla is so distributed — and I live in a very remote part of Canada and don’t have many opportunities to see people in person — so I especially appreciate having a place where I can chat with people who might have some similar experiences to me, and who I can learn from.

Elgin from Mozilla's WoMoz MRG
Elgin-Skye M.

Hubs Senior Product Manager

Read Elgin-Skye's interview


I was so happy when I learned about Yallazilla. It offers a space to connect with people from different countries and cultures and to discuss topics that affect folks from the SWANA/MENA region. I hope we are able to advocate for our people in what Mozilla does in their efforts for a more joyful internet.

Frida from Mozilla's Yallazilla MRG
Frida K.

Senior Security Engineer, Risk Management

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