No-Logging VPN from Mozilla

At Mozilla, security and privacy on the internet are fundamental. That’s why we never log, track, or share your browsing data. Mozilla VPN being a no-logging VPN means that no one, not even Mozilla, can see what you do while connected. 

Some VPN companies use logs for various reasons. We collect technical information related to the reliability and quality of the VPN — like if the connection is stable and if there have been crashes — which helps us improve the product. We also collect information about your preferred features in the VPN, like if you use App Exclusions or the additional privacy protections. But — we want to be clear — we do not log your actual web browsing activity, including your IP address and the websites you visit.

 The Risks of Free VPNs

If a product is free, in most cases, you’re paying for it in another way. Because free VPNs don’t make you pay for a subscription, they most likely rely on ads, or worse, might be selling your data for revenue. So not only you may be bombarded with targeted ads using a free VPN, but your privacy may be compromised even more than when you were not using a VPN at all.

Can I Opt out of Mozilla VPN Technical Data Collection?

Yes! Learn more about opting out of data collection by visiting our support page. We actually ask you to collect this data through the on-boarding process we don't assume your consent. If you don't give us your consent, we don't track anything other than the fact that you are a subscriber (which we need for billing, etc).

Mozilla VPN is a powerful, easy-to-use virtual private network, built for anyone who wants to protect their online privacy — because you shouldn’t have to worry about cyber security or companies selling your data. We’ll do that for you. Subscribe today.

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