Mozilla VPN

Mozilla VPN on Linux for a more private and secure internet

Linux is free, open-source, and customizable, but it’s not immune to online security and privacy issues. Just like users of other operating systems, Linux users face censorship, surveillance, and hacking.

What is Mozilla VPN?

Mozilla VPN is a virtual private network service that uses open-source state-of-the-art encryption and does not log, track or share any of your network activity. It allows you to connect to over 500 servers in 30+ countries.

Why choose Mozilla VPN for Linux?

  • Fast and reliable: Mozilla VPN uses the WireGuard® protocol, which offers better performance and stability than other VPN protocols.
  • No logs: Mozilla VPN does not keep any logs of your network activity; we don’t record which websites you visit or inspect your traffic.
  • Additional security features: We use DNS blocking to block ads, trackers, and malware. While a browser can prevent only websites from giving you malware and tracking you.
  • Device-level encryption: Unlike VPNs that only encrypt your browser traffic, Mozilla VPN encrypts all your device’s traffic, including all your applications and games.
  • Multi-hop routing: For added protection, Mozilla VPN can encrypt your traffic and route it through two locations instead of one, making it harder for anyone to trace your online activity.
  • Simple and intuitive interface: Connect to a server with one click. You can also customize your settings and preferences according to your needs.
  • It helps restore net neutrality: Mozilla VPN helps you take back control of your online activities by preventing internet providers from throttling your bandwidth, or from blocking websites or services that they don’t like, or that compete with their own offerings.
  • GUI client:Mozilla VPN has a GUI client (graphical user interface), whereas some VPN providers only provide a CLI version (command line).

By using Mozilla VPN, you can take back control of your online activities and protect your privacy and data. Download Mozilla VPN today and enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee with no logs, no hassle, and no risk.

How to install Mozilla VPN on Linux

If you use one of the supported Ubuntu releases, there are two ways to install mozillavpn official packages hosted on Launchpad:

  1. Ubuntu command line mode: For detailed instructions on how to install Mozilla VPN using command line mode tools, check out How to install Mozilla VPN on a Linux computer.
  2. Ubuntu graphical user interface: Visit this article and follow the instructions in the Adding personal package archives section.

Additionally, for unsupported Linux distributions, you can take and compile the source code from the official GitHub repository.