Seneca College

  • Grantee

    Seneca College
  • Location

  • Support break-down

    1. 2006
      1. Amount: $50,000
    2. 2007
      1. Amount: $100,000
    3. 2009
      1. Amount: $80,910
    4. 2011
      1. Amount: $96,950

    Total support

  • Focus Area

    Learning & Webmaking

Since 2005, Seneca College in Toronto has worked closely with the Mozilla community to create a set of Mozilla-specific courses, engage hundreds of students directly in Mozilla development projects, and host and record dozens of Mozilla events and talks. Seneca’s faculty and students are key contributors to the Mozilla project, and have gained significant experience bootstrapping new contributors into the Mozilla technology and culture. Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology is a community college for applied arts and technology in Toronto, Ontario.

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