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The Mozilla Foundation

The State of Mozilla Annual Report, 2010


Looking Ahead

Mitchell Baker

Mitchell Baker, Chair discusses the state of Mozilla.

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The Mission Doesn’t Change

Some things don’t change at Mozilla. We will always be focused on the Mozilla mission. We will also seek product excellence, individual control over the technology of our lives and the betterment of the Internet as a whole. We will always be an organization of people who believe in these goals and a community of thousands of developers, engineers, students, artists, entrepreneurs and others who have a vision of Internet life centered on individual empowerment.

Success for Mozilla means that the Internet has respect for human dignity and user sovereignty. Success means that people everywhere have onramps to the Internet that enable them to move from consumption to creation. Success for Mozilla means that people are no longer a number online that companies can track, monetize and sell. It means that we are recognized as real, individual human beings who live all aspects of our online life with richness and excitement.

Success for Mozilla includes building these fundamental freedoms into the fabric of Internet life. Achieving this success is hard, it’s important and it will be great. It is going to take all of us to make this vision a success. Participation ranges from something as simple as spreading the word about Mozilla to friends and family, to leadership positions in determining how the Internet is built. Please find a spot that’s comfortable for you and join us.

- Mitchell Baker
Mozilla Chair

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