Mozilla VPN

Wěstota, spušćobnosć a malsnosć – na kuždem rěźe, wšuźi.

Wirtualna priwatna seś wót wuwijarjow Firefox.

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30-dnjowna garantija slědkdaśa pjenjez

Priwatnosć z jadnym pótusnjenim

Surf, stream, game, and get work done while maintaining your privacy online. Whether you’re traveling, using public WiFi, or simply looking for more online security, we will always put your privacy first.

Malsna a wěsta seś

Mozilla VPN runs on a global network of servers. Using the most advanced WireGuard® protocol, we encrypt your network activity and hide your IP address. We never log, track, or share your network data.

VPN wót marki, kótarejž móžośo dowěriś

For more than 20 years, Mozilla has a track record of putting people first and fighting for online privacy. Backed by a non-profit, we are committed to building a better and healthier internet for all people. Everything we make is part of our mission and follows our principles.

Zwěžćo se z wěcej ako 500 serwerami we wěcej ako 30 krajach

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