Graduate-level work of PhD students at Northeastern University

  • Grantee

    Northeastern University
  • Location

    United States
  • Support break-down

    1. 2009
      1. PhD Research of Sam Tobin-Hochstadt: $99,115
    2. 2010
      1. PhD research of Sam Tobin-Hochstadt and Demetrios Vardoulakis: $107,596 and $76,374

    Total support

  • Focus Area

    Open Source Technology

Since 2009 Mozilla has supported the graduate-level work of PhD students at Northeastern University, developing new tools for the standardization, streamlining, and testing of JavaScript. In 2009 Mozilla contributed $99,115 to the research efforts of Sam Tobin-Hochstadt. In 2010 Mozilla made two gifts: one of $107,596 to further support Mr. Tobin-Hochstadt’s research and another gift of $76,374 to Demetrios Vardoulakis.

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