Unfck the internet

We love it, we need it, and we can all feel the ways it’s fcked. Together we can unfck it. Start by choosing the only non-profit-backed, people-first browser.

Demand an honest internet for the US elections

Have faith in what you read again

One fck given. High five!

Provocative headlines on social media too often lead you down a misinformation minefield. Pocket helps you find human-curated, trusted news sources so you can be an informed citizen.

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Get extremist group recommendations off FB

Un-fck. Un-friend. Un-hate. Un-real. Un-follow.

Facebook Groups have become breeding grounds for misleading campaigns and extremist organizations. Tell Facebook to pause Group recommendations until the election results are certified.

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Shine a light on political ads

An unfcked internet is a happy internet.

What you see online is not what your across-the-aisle uncle does. Hold advertisers accountable for misinformation by sharing the political ads you see to a public database.

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Put a lid on Facebook

Swipe left on a fcked up internet.

This extension helps prevent Facebook from following you around the rest of the web — which they are definitely doing, even if you don’t have an account. The less data they have on you, the less they can give away to bad actors.

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More actions you can take

Share the internet love

A heart sharing love like a router shares wifi.

Social media is only as good as the message it spreads. Tell your friends you internet with your values, and get them in on this conversation.

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Watch The Social Dilemma

Click the unfck button.

Got a love-hate relationship with social media? There’s a reason. This Netflix documentary from Exposure Labs and the Center for Humane Tech unpacks the issues of attention and addiction. But they’re not the only ones. Catch the full spectrum of voices in this conversation.

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Get a broader perspective

Close the YouTube rabbit hole

Take the internet from dumpster fire to purr-fect.

Ever fall for a YouTube video recommendation you regretted? This extension doesn’t give you a redo, but it might just keep it from happening to others.

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Choose independent, ethical tech

Time to unfck the internet.

The more people who use independent tech like Firefox, the greater the effect. Get yourself some unfcked messaging, content, email and more.

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GIF a fck

Do you have feelings about the internet? Chances are we’ve got a GIF for that.

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Time to unfck the internet. An unfcked internet is a happy internet. To do: wake up, breakfast, unfck the internet.