Firefox ESR

Mozilla Firefox Extended Support Release

A community-led project that allows organizations to benefit from the speed, flexibility and security of Firefox while getting the support they need.

Who is it for?

Firefox ESR is intended for groups who deploy and maintain the desktop environment in large organizations such as universities and other schools, county or city governments and businesses.

Who is it not for?

Individual users who always want the latest features, performance enhancements and technologies in their browser without waiting for them to become available in ESR several development cycles later.

Step 1.

Before proceeding, we strongly encourage Firefox ESR users to sign up for the Enterprise Working Group (EWG) mailing list. The EWG list is a great place to discuss deploying Firefox with other community members and will be the only way to receive regular communications regarding product updates and support.

Step 2.

Review our handy FAQ for your organization and download Firefox ESR.