Get Smart Before You Vote.

Decode political ad targeting and keep Facebook off your trail with these extensions.

The Firefox Facebook Container

Facebook helps political advertisers target you by tracking your activity on and off their platform.

This extension makes it easier to explore the web without Facebook watching, so you can keep your political opinions to yourself and your dinner companions.

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Firefox Privacy Notice

The ProPublica Facebook Political Ad Collector

Participate in ProPublica’s crowdsourcing extension that automatically gathers ads from Facebook, the biggest online platform for political discourse. Your contribution feeds a public database that lets you see what others are seeing and helps journalists flag misinformation. It’s a win-win for you and the web.

Since the Political Ad Collector was developed by ProPublica, not Firefox, the ProPublica privacy policy applies to this extension.

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The Firefox U.S. Election Bundle is a project between ProPublica and the Mozilla Corporation.