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Faster Performance

A Next-Generation CSS Engine

Firefox has been rebuilt from the ground up to be faster and more powerful than ever. This includes a new CSS engine that has state-of-the-art innovations and is blazingly fast.

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New Tools

Firefox DevTools

The new Firefox DevTools are powerful, flexible, and best of all, hackable. This includes a best-in-class JavaScript debugger, which can target multiple browsers and is built in React and Redux.

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Innovative Features

Master CSS Grid

Firefox is the only browser with tools built specifically for building and designing with CSS Grid. These tools allow you to visualize the grid, display associated area names, preview transformations on the grid and much more.

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Convenient Features

Shapes Editor

Firefox DevTools has a brand new shape path editor that takes the guesswork out of fine-tuning your shape-outside and clip-path shapes by allowing you to very easily fine-tune your adjustments with a visual editor.

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Faster Information

Fonts Panel

The new fonts panel in Firefox DevTools gives developers quick access to all of the information they need about the fonts being used in an element. It also includes valuable information such as the font source, weight, style and more.

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