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  • Get more done

    Now Firefox is even faster – with quicker start ups and less hang time! That means windows and tabs load quicker for lightweight browsing that doesn’t hog your computer’s memory.

    Get more done at Firefox speeds

  • Get more privacy

    To share or not share, that’s your call with Firefox’s more powerful Private Browsing feature. It automatically blocks trackers and ads that collect your information without permission.

    See how Firefox Privacy has your back

  • Get more freedom

    Firefox is more than just a browser. Backed by Mozilla, a nonprofit, we’re the only independent browser that also fights to protect your online privacy and keeps corporate powers in check.

    Browse independently with Firefox

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More Privacy

Firefox doesn’t sell access to your personal information like other browsers. From privacy tools to tracking protection, you’re in charge of who sees what.

Here’s how Firefox protects your privacy

More Freedom

Following the pack isn’t our style. As part of the non-profit Mozilla, Firefox leads the fight to protect your online rights, and champion an Internet that benefits everyone — not just a few.

Browse independently with Firefox