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Release Notes tell you what’s new in Firefox. As always, we welcome your feedback. You can also file a bug in Bugzilla or see the system requirements of this release.

113.0 Firefox Release

May 9, 2023

Version 113.0, first offered to Release channel users on May 9, 2023


  • Say hello to enhanced Picture-in-Picture! Rewind, check video duration, and effortlessly switch to full-screen mode on the web's most popular video websites.

  • Firefox's address bar is already a great place to search for what you're looking for. Now you'll always be able to see your web search terms and refine them while viewing your search's results - no additional scrolling needed! Also, a new result menu has been added making it easier to remove history results and dismiss sponsored Firefox Suggest entries.
    Image demonstrating search terms persisting in the address bar after hitting Enter for easier editing

  • Private windows now protect users even better by blocking third-party cookies and storage of content trackers.

  • Passwords automatically generated by Firefox now include special characters, giving users more secure passwords by default.

  • Firefox 113 introduces a redesigned accessibility engine which significantly improves the speed, responsiveness, and stability of Firefox when used with:

    • Screen readers, as well as certain other accessibility software;
    • East Asian input methods;
    • Enterprise single sign-on software; and
    • Other applications which use accessibility frameworks to access information.
  • Importing bookmarks from Safari or a Chrome-based browser? The favicons for those bookmarks will now also be imported by default to make them easier to identify.

  • Firefox 113 now supports AV1 Image Format files containing animations (AVIS), improving support for AVIF images across the web.

  • The Windows GPU sandbox first shipped in the Firefox 110 release has been tightened to enhance the security benefits it provides.

  • A 13-year-old feature request was fulfilled and Firefox now supports files being drag-and-dropped directly from Microsoft Outlook. A special thanks to volunteer contributor Marco Spiess for helping to get this across the finish line!

  • Users on macOS can now access the Services sub-menu directly from Firefox context menus.

  • On Windows, the elastic overscroll effect has been enabled by default. When two-finger scrolling on the touchpad or scrolling on the touchscreen, you will now see a bouncing animation when scrolling past the edge of a scroll container.

  • Firefox is now available in the Tajik (tg) language.



  • The long-deprecated mozRTCPeerConnection, mozRTCIceCandidate, and mozRTCSessionDescription WebRTC interfaces have been removed. Sites should utilize the non-prefixed versions instead.



  • There have been numerous improvements to the Debugger's "Search in files" feature (also known as "Project search"):

    • The panel has been moved to a regular side panel, which allows you to keep the results list visible while opening scripts in the editor;
    • Results from minified and pretty-printed tabs, as well as matches from the node_modules folder, are displayed;
    • Results from ignored files are hidden; and
    • Glob patterns and search modifiers are also supported, making it possible to execute case-sensitive or regex searches on specific parts of your project.
  • Additional features include support for pretty printing inline scripts in HTML files and column breakpoints in pretty printed sources.

  • It is now possible to override a JavaScript file in the debugger. In the Debugger, under the Sources tree, you can use the "Add script override" context menu entry. This action will download the file onto your machine, allowing you to edit it. After reloading the page, the local file will be loaded instead of the original script (indicated by a purple icon when a file is overridden).
    Screenshot of new script override debugger option

Web Platform

  • Module scripts can now import other ES module scripts on worklets.

  • Firefox 113 includes new CSS functionality, including improved support for the color (level 4) specification (such as the lab(), lch(), oklab(), oklch(), and color() functions) and the scripting media query.

  • Firefox 113 adds support for a number of WebRTC features for improved interoperability: RTCMediaSourceStats, RTCPeerConnectionState, RTCPeerConnectionStats ("peer-connection" RTCStatsType), RTCRtpSender.setStreams(), and RTCSctpTransport.

  • The forced-color-adjust property is now supported, allowing authors to opt an element out of color changes in Forced Color Mode for improved readability where the automatically-picked contrasting colors are not ideal.


  • Users on some Windows systems may see incorrect and/or over-saturated colors. This is fixed in the Firefox 113.0.1 release.

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