Firefox Release

December 13, 2022

Version 108.0, first offered to Release channel users on December 13, 2022


  • Import maps, which allow web pages to control the behavior of JavaScript imports, are now enabled by default.

  • Processes used for background tabs now use efficiency mode on Windows 11 to limit resource use.
    Efficiency mode on Windows 11

  • The shift+esc keyboard shortcut now opens the Process Manager, offering a way to quickly identify processes that are using too many resources.

  • Improved frame scheduling when under load; this substantially improves Firefox’s MotionMark scores.


  • Firefox now supports properly color correcting images tagged with ICCv4 profiles.

  • Support for non-English characters when saving and printing PDF forms.

  • The bookmarks toolbar's default "Only show on New Tab" state works correctly for blank new tabs. As before, you can change the bookmark toolbar's behavior using the toolbar context menu.

  • Various security fixes.


  • Firefox now supports the WebMIDI API and a new experimental mechanism for controlling access to dangerous capabilities.

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