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Firefox for Android Release

December 13, 2022

Version 108.0, first offered to Release channel users on December 13, 2022


  • You can now save web pages as PDF files to conveniently access them later from your Downloads folder.

  • You can now organize your tabs in the tabs tray by long-pressing on a tab.

  • Open all bookmarks in a folder in tabs, new, or private tabs.

  • Improved frame scheduling when under load; this substantially improves Firefox’s MotionMark scores.


  • Various security fixes.

  • Talkback shortcuts on the homepage are now identified as web links; in the private browsing home screen the learn more link is identified as an article.

  • The 2x1 configuration for the search widget the voice search icon will be displayed. Previously it was clipped on some devices.

  • The Firefox settings for the default browser app will now correctly match the Android browser setting.

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