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Firefox is no longer supported on Windows 8.1 and below.

Please download Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) to use Firefox.

Firefox is no longer supported on macOS 10.14 and below.

Please download Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) to use Firefox.

Firefox Privacy Notice

Protect the Fox

Help us safeguard Mozilla’s trademarks by reporting misuse.

The Firefox name or logo on a product or webpage tells you that you are getting a free, high quality, open source browser that has been tested and released by Mozilla. In order to make sure others are not using our trademarks to mislead users into downloading malware, paying for the software, or providing personal information, we need your help.

This form is ONLY for reporting infringement of Mozilla’s trademarks. Other kinds of malicious sites should be reported to Google Safe Browsing:

  1. The Phishing and Malware Protection in Firefox uses the Google Safe Browsing service.
  2. Report phishing sites by using the Report Phishing form from Google Safe Browsing.
  3. Report websites that contain malicious software by using the Malicious Software form from Google Safe Browsing.
  4. Once again, the form on this page is ONLY for reporting infringement of Mozilla trademarks. DO NOT submit other kinds of malicious sites via this form. Mozilla cannot and will not respond to other reports submitted via this page.

Please use this form to report any websites or mobile app stores that are:

  1. Distributing harmful products under Mozilla brands such as Firefox.
  2. Charging for Firefox, Thunderbird, or any of the Mozilla products.
  3. Collecting personal information as a condition to download any of the Mozilla software (registration requirement).
  4. Using the Mozilla trademarks to mislead the public into thinking the site is an official Mozilla site or sponsored by Mozilla.
  5. Distributing modified versions of Firefox, or any of our Mozilla software, and still using the trademark. Note: anyone may modify Mozilla software, but once modified, it may no longer use Mozilla trademark(s) (e.g. be called Firefox) without a license.
  6. Using the Mozilla trademarks (including logos) in any other way that violates our Trademark Policy (e.g. trademark is modified or used for commercial purposes).

Thank you for your help!

Report of Misuse of Mozilla Trademarks

The URL of the violating website. e.g.

Images only. Maximum file size is 5 MB.

Please describe what you are attaching.

If you choose to provide it, your email address will only be used to contact you about this report. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.