Vrywillig vir Mozilla!

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Hi, I’m Shreyas, a Mozillian in India

I’m a Webmaker Super Mentor who’s passionate about building a more open Web. I love any chance to bring my community together — whether it’s through MozCafes, teaching opportunities or just getting together to talk about projects.

Ek help tans met:

  • KidZilla
  • MozCafes
  • Maker Party
  • Gemeenskapsgeleenthede

One thing I’m most proud of in my time as a Mozillian is “KidZilla,” a project that I initiated to educate underprivileged students about the basics of computers and the Internet.

I’m also an avid writer — if you work in Communications or PR, feel free to get in touch with me. I would love to work on something. And if you ever want to talk about Webmaking and teaching, I’m always available.

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