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Mozilla has forums to enable communication among the Mozilla community. They are set up so they can be read as newsgroups, mailing lists or web groups - so it's convenient for everyone to take part. Note that you only need to subscribe via one access method; if you aren't sure, use the "mailing list" method.

If you think a new Mozilla discussion forum is needed, file a bug (pick 'Standard Discussion Forum') and we'll get right on it. It's not a complicated process. Please don't just go and set up a plain Google Group or similar thing, as not everyone finds it convenient to read groups on the web.

Mozilla newsgroups are sponsored by Giganews Newsgroups, to whom we are very grateful.

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Particularly Important Forums

Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.announce(#) New releases will be announced here. This is a low-volume group, for announcements only (not discussions). (Moderated)
mozilla.announce.compatibility(#) Add-on compatibility announcements. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.planning(#) For project planning, meeting minutes, roadmap discussions.
mozilla.governance(#) Governance of the Mozilla Project. (Moderated)

Projectwide Forums

Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.affiliates(#) The Mozilla Affiliates program, encouraging people to spread the news about Firefox and other Mozilla software
mozilla.airmozilla(#) For discussions related to Mozilla's video distribution site, Air Mozilla. (Moderated)
mozilla.education(#) For Mozilla's education initiatives. (Moderated)
mozilla.engagement.developers(#) Engaging with developers of all types, through events, evangelism, documentation, and so on. (Moderated)
mozilla.events(#) For discussions about Mozilla events.
mozilla.general(#) For everything with no forum of its own: discussion about any and all aspects of all the things that we're doing here at mozilla.org (high traffic; often off-topic).
mozilla.governance.mpl-update(#) Updating the Mozilla Public License to version 2. (Moderated)
mozilla.it(#) Mozilla's IT and operations community. (Moderated)
mozilla.jobs(#) For use by those interested in hiring folks to work on Mozilla-related projects as well as by those seeking such work. (Moderated)
mozilla.join(#) The Join Mozilla public engagement initiative
mozilla.marketing(#) Our plans for world domination.
mozilla.mozillians(#) For discussions about how to grow Mozilla and bring in new contributors.
mozilla.privacy(#) Forum for discussion of privacy issues and Mozilla's response. (Moderated)
mozilla.product-management(#) Discussion of techniques for product management. (Moderated)
mozilla.tools(#) Discussion of the software development tools the Mozilla project uses (Hg, buildbot, Tinderbox, bonsai...) (Moderated)
mozilla.wishlist(#) For discussions of future ideas, ranging from the practical to the far out.

Applications and Projects

Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

firefox-dev(#) For development of Firefox, a lightweight browser built on the Mozilla platform.
mozilla.dev.apps.thunderbird(#) For development of Thunderbird, an email client built on the Mozilla platform.
tb-planning(#) For development of Thunderbird, an email client built on the Mozilla platform.
mobile-firefox-dev(#) For discussions about the Mozilla platform on mobile devices, e.g. Firefox for Android.
mozilla.dev.b2g(#) For Boot2Gecko (Firefox OS), Mozilla's effort to build a mobile platform powered by the Open Web. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.gaia(#) For Gaia, the HTML5 app suite for Firefox OS. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.marketplace(#) For development of the Mozilla Marketplace and addons.mozilla.org. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.webapps(#) For development of our Open Web Apps site and ecosystem.
mozilla.dev.identity(#) Identity in the browser (BrowserID/Mozilla Persona)
mozilla.dev.identity.performance(#) Improving the performance of our identity solutions. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.apps.bugzilla(#) For development of the Bugzilla bug-tracking system (for support, see mozilla.support.bugzilla).
mozilla.dev.apps.calendar(#) For development of the standard-based Calendar projects - Sunbird and Lightning.
mozilla.dev.apps.chatzilla(#) For development of the Chatzilla IRC chat extension.
mozilla.dev.apps.dom-inspector(#) For development of the DOM Inspector, an extension to help web developers peer inside pages.
mozilla.dev.apps.js-debugger(#) For discussions about the JavaScript Debugger (Venkman). Questions about how to use, program, or document the debugger, as well as feature requests are on-topic here.
mozilla.dev.apps.seamonkey(#) This forum is for developers working on Seamonkey, the community continuation of the Mozilla software suite.
mozilla.dev.apps.webtools(#) mozilla.org has developed several Web-based tools for code management, including Bonsai (CVS queries), and Tinderbox (continuous automated builds). This forum is for discussion of their development. (For the Bugzilla bug-tracking system, see above.)

General Development

Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.dev.accessibility(#) For the accessibility development effort.
mozilla.dev.automation(#) For development discussion about test automation. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.builds(#) For discussions about compiling the source code or improving the build system.
mozilla.dev.chat(#) The real-time chat capabilities in the Mozilla platform (IM, IRC etc.) (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.community-tools(#) The tools Mozilla uses to manage its community. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.embedding(#) For embedding Mozilla components such as Gecko, ender, and JavaScript into software.
mozilla.dev.geolocation(#) Development of geolocation services. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.i18n(#) For discussions about internationalization (I18N) issues. I18N is the infrastructure that allows software to be localized.
mozilla.dev.js-sourcemap(#) The JS sourcemap project, which maps obfuscated JS back to the original version for debugging. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.l10n(#) For localization (L10N) issues. L10N is the process of adapting software to a specific language and culture (see also internationalization).
mozilla.dev.mdc(#) Discussion about developer documentation on MDN Documentation Center (MDC)
mozilla.dev.mdn(#) Code development for the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) website and platform
mozilla.mdn.drivers(#) Release coordination for the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) platform. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.media(#) Development of Mozilla's media support (audio and video). (Moderated)
metro(#) For work on porting Firefox to the Metro environment of Windows 8.
mozilla.dev.mozilla-org(#) For people working on the mozilla.org website.
mozilla.dev.mozjpeg(#) The Mozilla enhanced version of libjpeg. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.pdf-js(#) pdf.js, the PDF renderer written in JS. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.platform(#) For people working on Mozilla-the-platform.
mozilla.dev.privacy(#) Development of features specifically design to enhance user privacy.
mozilla.dev.sandbox(#) Work on sandboxing technologies.
mozilla.dev.security(#) Security issues such as specific security problems or ideas for making the code as a whole more secure can be discussed here. Cryptography, however, is not within this group's charter. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.security.policy(#) Discussion of security-related policies, governance, and related topics; and responsibility for the Mozilla CA certificate policy. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.servo(#) For development of servo, a parallelized rendering engine. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.shumway(#) Shumway, an implementation of Flash in JavaScript. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.static-analysis(#) For discussion about Pork, Dehydra, rewriting and static analysis projects.
mozilla.dev.sumo(#) Development of the software running SUMO (support.mozilla.org). (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.super-review(#) This forum is a mirror of the super-review mailing list. Requests for patch review and change of review status in Bugzilla are automatically posted here. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.themes(#) For theme developers.
mozilla.dev.tree-management(#) For discussion about general development tree health and practices for managing it.
mozilla.dev.tree-management.tracemonkey(#) For management of the separate tracemonkey tree
mozilla.dev.usability(#) For discussions on user interface and usability issues, including future directions, cross-platform consistency, and so on. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.webapi(#) For development of new Web APIs to enhance the web platform. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.webdev(#) Mozilla's web development team. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.developer-tools(#) For development of tools for web developers inside Firefox and other Mozilla products. (Moderated)
mozilla.tools.bmo(#) Development of bugzilla.mozilla.org, Mozilla's installation of the Bugzilla software. (Moderated)
mozilla.tools.elmo(#) Development of web apps for localization (l10n). (Moderated)
mozilla.tools.l10n(#) Development of tools for l10n. (Moderated)
mozilla.tools.wiki(#) The team working on the Mozilla wiki(s).
mozilla.tools.pulse(#) The Pulse tool for event-driven notifications.
mozilla.tools.puppetagain(#) The PuppetAgain deployment automation tool. (Moderated)
mozilla.tools.socorro(#) The Socorro crash-reporting system.
mozilla.dev.services.circus(#) Development of circus, a process runner and watcher. (Moderated)
mozilla.addons.user-experience(#) Improving the user experience for using/installing/managing addons in Firefox. (Moderated)

Mozilla Technologies

Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.dev.tech.crypto(#) For discussions about cryptography, and cryptographic issues surrounding the Mozilla source code. See the PKI project for more info. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.tech.crypto.checkins(#) Join this list if you'd like to be automatically notified of all check-ins to Mozilla's crypto code. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.tech.editor(#) For discussions about HTML and text editing controls, including the Composer component, rich text editing and text widgets.
mozilla.dev.tech.electrolysis(#) For discussions multi-process Firefox. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.tech.java(#) For discussions about Java: both embedding JREs in Mozilla and extending Mozilla itself using Java code. Also check out the plug-in forum.
mozilla.dev.tech.js-engine(#) For JavaScript engines, including Spidermonkey (JavaScript in C) and Rhino (JavaScript in Java). For scripting support, see the scripting resources.
mozilla.dev.tech.js-engine.internals(#) The internals of SpiderMonkey, the Mozilla JavaScript engine in C
mozilla.dev.tech.js-engine.rhino(#) For discussions about Rhino. Implementation of JavaScript written entirely in Java.
mozilla.dev.tech.js-engine.rivertrail(#) For discussions about the Rivertrail project, is a proposal to bring parallelism into JavaScript in a controlled fashion. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.tech.layout(#) For discussions about document layout in Mozilla, including Gecko. Also check out the style and SVG forums.
mozilla.dev.tech.ldap(#) For discussions about the C SDK, Java SDK, and PerLDAP, which are toolkits for developing LDAP applications.
mozilla.dev.tech.mathml(#) For discussions about the implementation of W3C's Mathematical Markup Language.
mozilla.dev.tech.network(#) For discussions about the Mozilla Networking Library, a.k.a. netlib.
mozilla.dev.tech.nspr(#) For discussions about the portable runtime code used by Mozilla.
mozilla.dev.tech.plugins(#) For discussions about plug-ins. Developers may also check out the Java and NSPR forums.
mozilla.dev.tech.rdf(#) For discussions about the Resource Description Framework (RDF).
mozilla.dev.tech.sql(#) For discussions about using SQL in Mozilla.
mozilla.dev.tech.svg(#) This is the project forum for implementing Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in Mozilla.
mozilla.dev.tech.xforms(#) For discussion about XForms in Firefox and Mozilla.
mozilla.dev.tech.xml(#) For discussions about using XML in Mozilla.
mozilla.dev.tech.xpcom(#) This forum is for discussions about the Cross-Platform Component Object Model (XPCOM) that we are using to purvey and discover interfaces between independently versioned and loaded modules. XPCOM combined with XPIDL also provides scriptability.
mozilla.dev.tech.xpinstall(#) For discussions about installation related technology in Mozilla including packaging and updating.
mozilla.dev.tech.xslt(#) For discussions of use of the XSL Transformations language in the Mozilla layout engine.
mozilla.dev.tech.xul(#) For discussion about the XML-based User-interface Language (XUL).
mozilla.community.local-sites(#) For development of local Mozilla community websites. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.ports.os2(#) For discussions about porting Mozilla to OS/2.

Quality Assurance

Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.dev.quality(#) For QA discussion, including using Bugzilla, Mozilla testing, and bug triaging. Do not report bugs here.
mozilla.qa.b2g(#) QA for B2G. (Moderated)
mozilla.qa.webmaker(#) QA for Webmaker projects. (Moderated)
mozilla.bugmasters(#) Our intrepid bug handling team. (Moderated)
mozilla.compatibility(#) Web compatibility - making the web safe for standards-compliant browsers, one site at a time. (Moderated)

Extension Development

Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.dev.extensions(#) For extension developers.
mozilla.dev.extensions.br(#) Extension development discussion in Brazilian Portuguese
mozilla.addons.chromebug(#) Development of Chromebug, a chrome debugger.

Web Development

Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.webapps(#) Web application development (HTML5) for Firefox OS and the Open Web. (Moderated)

Mozilla Initiatives

Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.community.drumbeat(#) Main Drumbeat newsgroup
mozilla.drumbeat.website(#) For people working on www.drumbeat.org
mozilla.drumbeat.p2pu(#) Drumbeat project: Open Web Track at Peer-to-Peer University
mozilla.drumbeat.privacy-icons(#) Drumbeat project: Privacy Icons
mozilla.drumbeat.barcelona(#) Drumbeat community in Barcelona
mozilla.drumbeat.festival(#) Organization of the yearly Drumbeat Festival
mozilla.community.ignite(#) Mozilla's involvement in the US Ignite project. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.mojo(#) The Knight-Mozilla News Technology Initiative - Mozilla and Journalism, or MoJo.
mozilla.education.hackasaurus(#) The Hackasaurus project to get kids hacking the open web. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.popcorn(#) Development of popcorn.js, the HTML5 video toolkit. (Moderated)
mozilla.webmaker(#) The Webmaker initiative - teaching the world to hack the web. (Moderated)
mozilla.webmaker.brasil(#) Webmaker initiative in Brazil. (Moderated)
mozilla.webmaker.canada.bc(#) Webmaker initiative in British Columbia, Canada. (Moderated)
mozilla.webmaker.l10n(#) Localization of Webmaker content. (Moderated)
mozilla.inform(#) Educating those who talk to policymakers, helping them explain policy issues well. (Moderated)


Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.community.africa(#) The Mozilla community in Africa. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.algeria(#) The Mozilla community in Algeria. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.antarctica(#) The Mozilla community in Antarctica. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.arab-world(#) The Mozilla community in the Arab world.
mozilla.community.australia(#) The Mozilla community in Australia.
mozilla.community.balkans(#) The Mozilla community in the Balkans.
mozilla.community.bangladesh(#) The Mozilla community in Bangladesh. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.belgium(#) The Mozilla community in Belgium.
mozilla.community.brasil(#) The Mozilla community in Brazil. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.bulgaria(#) The Mozilla community in Bulgaria.
mozilla.community.canada(#) The Mozilla community in Canada. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.chile(#) The Mozilla community in Chile. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.colombia(#) The Mozilla community in Colombia. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.croatia(#) The Mozilla community in Croatia. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.denmark(#) The Mozilla community in Denmark. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.dutch(#) The Mozilla Dutch-speaking community. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.esperanto(#) The Mozilla Esperanto-speaking community. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.german(#) The Mozilla German-speaking community. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.ghana(#) The Mozilla community in Ghana.
mozilla.community.greece(#) The Mozilla community in Greece. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.hungary(#) The Mozilla community in Hungary. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.iceland(#) The Mozilla community in Iceland. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.india(#) The Mozilla community in India.
mozilla.community.india.dev(#) Development work on the web presence of the Mozilla community in India. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.indonesia(#) The Mozilla community in Indonesia. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.ireland(#) The Mozilla community in Ireland. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.kenya(#) The Mozilla community in Kenya.
mozilla.community.lithuania(#) The Mozilla community in Lithuania.
mozilla.community.malaysia(#) The Mozilla community in Malaysia. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.mexico(#) The Mozilla community in Mexico.
mozilla.community.mongolia(#) The Mozilla community in Mongolia. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.morocco(#) The Mozilla community in Morocco. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.nepal(#) The Mozilla community in Nepal. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.new-zealand(#) The Mozilla community in New Zealand.
mozilla.community.norway(#) The Mozilla community in Norway. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.philippines(#) The Mozilla community in the Philippines. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.quebec(#) The Mozilla community in Quebec, Canada. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.romania(#) The Mozilla community in Romania. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.rwanda(#) The Mozilla community in Rwanda. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.senegal(#) The Mozilla community in Senegal.
mozilla.community.sweden(#) The Mozilla community in Sweden. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.switzerland(#) The Mozilla community in Switzerland. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.taiwan(#) The Mozilla community in Taiwan. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.toronto(#) The Mozilla community in Toronto, Canada. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.turkey(#) The Mozilla community in Turkey. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.tunisia(#) The Mozilla community in Tunisia.
mozilla.community.uganda(#) The Mozilla community in Uganda. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.uk(#) The Mozilla community in the United Kingdom. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.usa(#) The Mozilla community in the United States of America. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.vietnam(#) The Mozilla community in Vietnam. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.general.zh(#) Mozilla project development discussion in Chinese. (Moderated)
mozilla.hispano.general(#) Mozilla Hispano (Spanish-speaking countries). (Moderated)
mozilla.hispano.labs(#) Mozilla Hispano's labs division. (Moderated)
mozilla.webapps.pt-br(#) Web application development in Brazilian Portuguese. (Moderated)


Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.dev.l10n.announce(#) Announcements about new localization projects and important updates to the existing ones. If you want to subscribe to only one localization-related newsgroup, make it this one (low volume, high signal-to-noise ratio).
mozilla.dev.l10n.new-locales(#) For people willing to start a new localization team (a new locale). Connect with other speakers of your language and get help from other community members. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.l10n.cs(#) Czech localization discussions.
mozilla.dev.l10n.fa(#) Persian localization discussions.
mozilla.dev.l10n.in(#) Indian localization discussions.
mozilla.dev.l10n.km(#) Khmer localization discussions. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.l10n.lo(#) Lao localization discussions. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.l10n.ms(#) Malay localization discussions. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.l10n.my(#) Burmese localization discussions. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.l10n.nativo(#) The Mozilla Nativo project (l10n into languages and cultures without an existing digital presence). (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.l10n.pt-br(#) Brazilian Portuguese localization discussions. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.l10n.sk(#) Slovak localization discussions.
mozilla.dev.l10n.sr(#) Serbian localization discussions.
mozilla.dev.l10n.sw(#) Swahili localization discussions. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.l10n.ta(#) Tamil localization discussions. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.l10n.web(#) For Mozilla website localization co-ordination.
mozilla.dev.l10n.uk(#) Ukranian localization discussions.
mozilla.dev.l10n.vi(#) Vietnamese localization discussions. (Moderated)
mozilla.dev.mdc.es(#) For discussion about Spanish content on Mozilla Developer Center.
mozilla.dev.mdc.ja(#) For discussion about Japanese content on Mozilla Developer Center.
mozilla.dev.mdc.pt(#) For discussion about Portuguese content on Mozilla Developer Center.

Mozilla Reps

Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.reps.general(#) ReMo - the Mozilla Reps program
mozilla.reps.webdev(#) Development of websites to support the Mozilla Reps program
mozilla.reps.council(#) The organizing group for the Mozilla Reps program
mozilla.reps.mentors(#) ReMo mentors group. (Moderated)
mozilla.reps.students(#) ReMo students group. (Moderated)
mozilla.reps.comms(#) The ReMo Communications special interest group. (Moderated)

Other Community Groups

Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.accessibility(#) Discussion of all things related to accessibility. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.armyofawesome(#) The Mozilla Army of Awesome twitter helpers.
mozilla.community.artzilla(#) The Mozilla Artzilla community of artists.
mozilla.community.b2g(#) The community around Boot2Gecko (Firefox OS). (Moderated)
mozilla.community.crafting(#) Mozillians making craft-y things. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.devderby(#) The Mozilla monthly Developer Derby for web developers. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.digital-freedom(#) Discussion of, and resistance to, laws which work against Mozilla's mission. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.diversity(#) A group to plan, build, teach, empower, and grow our diversity skills project-wide. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.games(#) Building games in HTML5. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.linux(#) Users of both Linux and Mozilla software. (Moderated)
mozilla.community.web-standards(#) The community of Mozilla people involved in web standards efforts.
mozilla.cbt.education(#) Community Building Team - Education group. (Moderated)

End-User Support

Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.sumo(#) Discussion of the SUMO support website http://support.mozilla.org.
mozilla.support.firefox(#) Support for Firefox. But the best place to start is our support website.
mozilla.support.thunderbird(#) Support for Thunderbird. But the best place to start is our support website.
mozilla.support.seamonkey(#) Support for SeaMonkey, the community-driven continuation of the Mozilla suite.
mozilla.support.bugzilla(#) Support for the Bugzilla web-based bug-tracking tool.
mozilla.support.calendar(#) Support for the Calendar and Lightning projects. (Moderated)
mozilla.support.webtools(#) Support for webtools other than Bugzilla (e.g. Bonsai, Tinderbox, MXR)
mozilla.support.instantbird(#) Support for Instantbird, the instant messenger built on Mozilla technologies. (Moderated)
mozilla.support.other(#) Support for other products or projects without a specific group. (Moderated)


Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.test(#) For test messages.
mozilla.test.multimedia(#) For binary test messages. (Moderated)

Mozilla Labs

These forums are only available as Google Groups. Please read the Mozilla forum etiquette document for posting rules and conventions.

mozilla.labs(#) General labs discussion
mozilla.labs.skywriter(#) Skywriter online code editor
mozilla.labs.concept-series(#) Concept Series
mozilla.labs.jetpack(#) Jetpack extension API
mozilla.labs.personas(#) Personas lightweight browser customization framework
mozilla.labs.testpilot(#) TestPilot user interaction testing framework
mozilla.labs.weave(#) Weave browser sync

Realtime Chat

You can talk to people in the community in real time by logging on Mozilla's chat server with an IRC client. Please read the /motd.

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