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Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2015-121

Disabling scripts in Add-on SDK panels has no effect

November 3, 2015
Jason Hamilton, Peter Arremann, Sylvain Giroux
Fixed in
  • Firefox 42


Add-on authors Jason Hamilton and Peter Arremann with AMO editor Sylvain Giroux reported a vulnerability when a panel is created using the Add-on SDK in a browser extension. Defining a panel with script: false is supposed to disable script execution but it was found that inline script would still execute. This flaw allows for the potential execution of script content in an extension when it was been explicitly disallowed.

The potential impact of this flaw would depend on whether the add-on was relying on script: false as a security mechanism and from location the panel content was loaded. No add-ons served from are vulnerable to this flaw but add-ons installed from third party sites may be.