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Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2010-07

Fixes for potentially exploitable crashes ported to the legacy branch

March 16, 2010
Mozilla developers and community
SeaMonkey, Thunderbird
Fixed in
  • SeaMonkey 1.1.19
  • Thunderbird


Mozilla developers took fixes from previously fixed memory safety bugs in newer Mozilla-based products and ported them to the Mozilla 1.8.1 branch so they can be utilized by Thunderbird 2 and SeaMonkey 1.1.


Paul Fisher reported a crash when joined to an Active Directory server under Vista or Windows 7 and using SSPI authentication.

Ludovic Hirlimann reported a crash indexing some messages with attachments

Carsten Book reported a crash in the JavaScript engine

Josh Soref reported a crash in the BinHex decoder used on non-Mac platforms.

monarch2000 reported an integer overflow in a base64 decoding function